Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 9 Recap & Review

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Joon and Ra-Ra Reminisce

Episode 9 As Joon and Ra-Ra looks over the beautiful city they think back on all the good times they have shared. Ra-Ra is thankful that Joon has been there at some of her worst moments. They two later hold hands and promises not to ever let go. 

Joon Has Been Found

After returning to LaLa Land the two are left suspecting as they are met with dirt all over the floor. While Ra-Ra believes MiMi is the culprit, Joon who had thought otherwise. They suddenly started playing the piano and the suspicion of an intruder suddenly dies down. 

Meanwhile, Min-Woo listens from the outside as the two play and decides to call Joon’s mother but the call goes unanswered, as her husband watches her closely. 

Min-Woo on still on the outside sees a strange man but assumes Joon’s mother also hired him. As he watches on, he noticed that the man appeared suspicious and chased after him…. but was later knocked out. Sook-Kyeong later appeared and calls for help as the suspicious man ran away. 

Mr. Kim Shares Heartwarming Story

During the day, Ra-Ra and Joon decide to treat Mr. Kim to some tasty sushi. While the three eat, Mr. Kim tells the story of how he had met his wife. According to him, he was a shoe cleaner and his wife had visited his store, the two later got closer and fell in love.

After hearing Mr.Kim’s heartfelt story, Joon later decides to hold on a bit longer before telling Ra-Ra the truth. Mr. Kim advises him to not wait too long. 

The Suspicious Man Keeps Popping Up

Joong-Jo the guy that had attacked Min-Woo shows up again but this time its before Ra-Ra, carrying flowers. Ra-Ra, of course, now realizes that he has been stalking her is not pleased with his visit…. she rejects his advances and asks him to leave.

Joong-Jo however was just getting started, as he later visits Joon’s workplace. After the two got into a brawl, Joon realizes who he is. This immediately caused him to worry about Ra-Ra safety, he later runs over to Lala Land to check on Ra-Ra, acting protective over her and demanding to take her home.


Jae-Min Gets Attacked

The following day, Jae-Min is approached by an angry Joong-Ho who later grabs him harshly, causing him to sprain his arm. The young boy is left in discomfort as he clutches his arm. 

While at his piano competition, Ra-Ra suddenly notices that something is wrong with Jae-Min as he is unable to raise his arm. As he starts to cry, Ra-Ra suddenly remembers her father in the crowd applauding her as a child and decides to stand up and cheer Jae-Min for a job well done. 

After taking Jae-Min to the clinic, he later revealed to Ra-Ra that he didn’t want to disappoint her hence why he pushed on even though in pain, she, however, reassured him that it’s alright and later invites him out to eat with the group…. who later had a great time together. 

Ra-Ra Has Gone Missing

While out with the group, Ra-Ra decides to go to the bathroom, but later receives a message from Joon to meet her outside, however, he is left concerned as she doesn’t show up. When Ra-Ra’s phone is found outside, everyone starts to panic.

Joon later finds Joong-Ho’s address and visits his place…. When he sees a shrine on his wall with all of Ra-Ra’s details, he is left worried.

In the epilogue, we’re taken to Spring 2019 where Joong-Ho bumped into Ra-Ra and started to obsess over her. He later stole her purse and took her student ID.

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