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Eternal Love Review
Eternal Love Review

Alternative Names:  三生三世十里桃花, Three Lives Three Worlds

Eternal Love Review

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

Type: Chinese Drama

Episodes: 58 / each eps is 45 mins long

Available on Netflix, VIKI, and Amazon

Eternal Love Review here goes. Eternal Love was a long and heart-wrenching experience, but definitely, a great one to watch! I personally finished the drama in a week just because I had to know what would happen in the end.

I thought there were “three” different relationships are explored throughout the drama. One, master and disciple. Two, mortal and prince. Three, high goddess and crowned prince. The drama dips its toes in all the relationships but also integrate a lot of outside issues that make you forget sometimes that you’re watching a romance drama.

Eternal Love is just absolutely beautiful; the environment, character dynamics, costumes, soundtrack, and the story itself! 

There are some moments where you will hate the characters, (especially Su Jin) and some moments where you’ll be like ‘what the fuck’ and some moments where you just feel so wholesome, especially after enduring the number of tragedies that occur in the drama – it’s a very rewarding experience.


The CGI is a little choppy, (especially the mystical creatures) but it’s not too important to the plot. The environments are just absolutely breathtaking, my personal favorites are the Ten-Mile Peach Forest and Kunlun.

Not to mention the fact that Yang Mi (Bai Qian) and Mark Chao’s (Ye Hua) chemistry together was a perfect knot to this beautiful drama. The drama is a rollercoaster ride and it’s definitely a ride I’m willing to experience all over again

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