Evernight Best Chinese Drama of 2018!!

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Evernight Best Chinese Drama of 2018

Evernight was the best Chinese drama of 2018. This is the conclusion that I have settled on after watching all 62 episodes of the show. Now you might be wondering why came to conclude it the best Cdrama. Well, simple answer the action. The action scenes were beautiful and well choreographed which made watching the very satisfying. Besides the fight scenes, Evernight had a great story. We got to grow with the MC throughout his journey from a weakling to being acknowledged by all the major factions in the drama. Plus the relationships he develops with the other main characters and their interactions gave the story such a huge push forward.

What I also like is that even though a subgenre of the drama was romance the writers did not overdo the romance. It was just enough to make it perfect and not be distracting from the bigger plot. Which was centered around revenge and getting stronger for the main character? 

Last but certainly not least the female lead character Sang Sang was just perfect in every way. She understood the main character, she was selfless and understanding. She was also very cute. The interaction between her and the MC was just very good. Cineography exceptional, it was probably the most stunning Chinese drama I have ever watch.

There is a lot of other reason to watch but these are just a few I think I should highlight. I might revisit the post after thinking about it some more. If you have never watch it give it a chance you will not be disappointed. You can watch it free here at Viki.