Extraordinary You Episode 11-12 Recap

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Extraordinary You Episode 11-12 Recap
Extraordinary You Episode 11-12 Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 11-12 Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 11-12 Recap. In this episode, Haru made the decision to challenge the writers and assist Dan-oh in changing the story but he later faces the consequences of his actions. Also, the fight continues with Nam Joo and Do-Hwa. Below are the highlights for episodes 11-12. To see the recap of episode 9-10 click here.

Ha-Ru’s Decision Leads to Haru’s Disappearance

Despite being told by the Dry Squid Fairy, that his sole purpose in the story is to stop Dan-oh, Ha-Ru made the bold decision to challenge the writers. Also, though he was told that he would become non-existent, he decided to spend the remainder of his time being by Dan-ohs side.

In this episode, we saw a different side of him. He had become open to the idea of dating and being liked by his peers and not just being an unnoticeable extra. Hence, he and Dan-oh went against the writer’s wish and went on a date, that was previously meant for her and Baek-Kyung. Being aware, have given him the advantage of manipulating the writer’s wishes.

Also, because of the changes he had been making to the story, others even started to remember his name.

Towards the end of this episode, it, however, didn’t end well for him when he had to jump into the pool to save Dan-oh from drowning. This was the last instance of him.

The writers got rid of his character and replaced him with another. Upon realizing this, Dan-oh was distraught and heartbroken.

Baek Kyung Has Become Aware

For me, Baek Kyung’s character is one of the most complicated. I understand he has feelings for Dan-oh, but at times it’s hard to tell as even in the shadows he appears to mean to her.

Yesterday’s episode ended with us believing that Baek-Kyung had become aware. But the start of this episode suggested that he had not unless he was hiding it.

With the constant abusive and exploitative relationship with his father, we see where he makes up his mind to pretend to like and date Dan-oh while on stage. In this episode, his father requested that he went all the way and consider marriage. This did not sit well with him.


Furthermore, we also got to see another vulnerable side of Baek-Kyung’s character while he was by Dan-oh’s bedside in the hospital; where he is haunted by the sad memory of his mother dying before him. This puts things into perspective a bit and explains the reason he is so harsh to Dan-oh. Because of her weak heart, he believes that she might die and leave him behind, hence he’s afraid to love her.

Furthermore, this episode ended with actual proof that he is definitely aware of the comic world after he was seen reading the book in the library. But the real question is when? At what point did he become aware. Was it at Nam-Joo’s party or before?

Nam-Joo and Do-Hwa Continues In their Fight

We got to see more of Nam-joo’s character in this episode after he got into a confrontation with his mother. Apparently, his mom feels insufficient as he constantly ignores and disrespects her. He, on the other hand, believes that his parents constantly use him as a pawn for fame.

The perfect image we’ve seen of him since the start has begun to change, which means the story the writers intended is being altered again.

Also, he somewhat decided to give up on Joo-Da after he saw her and Do-Hwa at the party together. This extravagant party was made so that he could reveal his feelings for her, but with the story being altered things got complicated.

Though he seems to have given up on Joo -Da, he and Do-Hwa constantly challenge each other whether it’s by their harsh looks or by going neck-to-neck while swimming.

Again we are left wanting more and requesting more answers after being completely blown away by another incredible episode. Stay tuned to dramaobess for more!

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