What to Expect Extraordinary You Episode 13-14

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Extraordinary You Episode 13-14
Extraordinary You Episode 13-14

What to Expect Extraordinary You Episode 13-14

Last week’s episode of Extraordinary You ended with Ha-ru facing the consequences of teaming up with Dan-oh to change the writers story. After being warned by the Dry Squid Fairy that he would disappear if he fails to stop Dan-oh, he still decided to stand by her side and helped her in altering the writer’s story.

So what are we to expect in this week’s episodes of Extraordinary You?


Dan-oh Will Try to Find Answers-

The previous episodes showed us how close Ha-ru and Dan-oh were growing, hence when she realized that he had disappeared she freaked out. This week’s episode will continue with her searching for him and trying to find answers regarding his disappearance.  While the writer of the comic wishes for her to be constantly falling over the bad boy Baek-Kyung, she has proven more than once that her interest lies elsewhere.


 Dan-oh and Baek Kyung May Become Closer in the Absence of Ha-ru-

Now that Baek-Kyung is aware of the comic world, is it possible he and Dan-oh will grow closer?  There is a possibility that their friendship will grow stronger now that they have something very strange in common(Both being aware of the comic world). Hence there is a special bond to be formed. There will be certain things that Baek-Kyung will definitely be curious about like the others before him.

However, I believe, Dan-oh and kyung may not have a romantic relationship seeing that she has formed a special place in her heart for Ha-ru. So I think she will wait and hope for his return.

One of the highlights of this week’s episodes will focus on how Baek-Kyung reacts to the mysteries of the comic world. Will he have the same reactions as the others?


The Love Triangle Between Do-Hwa, Nam-Joo and Joo-Da-

The love triangle will definitely continue between these three. Do-Hwa is very determined and he doesn’t seem like he’s ready to give up any time soon. The same goes for Nam-Joo, he is the star of the comic, which means he normally gets what he wants. 

I’m curious to see more details about his life outside of school and the relationship he has with his parents.  

Joo-Da’s character while she is on stage is kind of frustrating. Her constant ignorance to Nam-joo’s obvious feelings is tiring to watch. He has done everything to prove he likes her but it seems she still doesn’t know. Hoping to see more growth in her character even if its on stage.


Where is Ha-ru?

Like many others,  I am curious about  where  Ha-ru is? Is it possible that the writers sent him the other comic world, Flower?

His character so far has proven to be very mysterious.  He appears to know a lot more, but just doesn’t remember. Also, I am curious as to which role he played in the other comic world, was he perhaps a lead warrior?  If he was, then that would explain the scar in his hand middle.

This is just my assumption. What do you all think.  Being a lead actor in Extraordinary You, I suspect he won’t be away  for a long time. 

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