Extraordinary You Episode 13-14 Recap

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Extraordinary You Episode 13-14 Recap
Extraordinary You Episode 13-14 Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 13-14 Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 13-14 Recap. Another exciting episode of Extraordinary You has left us wanting more. Being left with the cliffhanger from last week’s episode, the writers have again surprised us. Below are the highlights of episode 13-14. BEWARE of SPOILERS as you read.

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Dan-Oh Cries

This episode continued with Dan-Oh walking into the school in her pajamas in hopes to find Haru. Unbothered by the eyes of her schoolmates she runs through the school crying and searches everywhere she thinks he could be.

Since the previous episode, she and Haru had grown closer and to have him snatched out of her arms left her in a state of hopelessness. Hence she would give anything for him to return.
After being told by the Dry Squid Fairy that she was the reason for Haru’s disappearance, she blamed herself greatly.
This caused her to suddenly go into a state of withdrawal. Nothing was of interest to her anymore. Her regular sarcastic and confident behavior was taken over by sadness.

As the episode went on and Haru reappeared, she was ironically left even more saddened after realizing his memories were wiped. Could this possibly be her punishment for interfering in the writer’s story.

Do-Hwa was also saddened by Haru’s disappearance. Throughout the episode, he was very apologetic and like Dan-oh he feels partially responsible for the disappearance of Haru. He also seems to have somewhat accepted his fate that the writers have set for him.

Baek-Kyung Reveals to Dan-oh That He is Aware+ Later Tries to Comfort Her

Out of all the characters in this drama, I must say Baek-Kyung is my favorite. Although he appears complicated at times, his switch from bad boy to a good boy makes him even more lovable.

At the start of this episode, he angrily admitted to Dan-oh the point in which he became aware of the comic world. He revealed that at first things didn’t make sense until he read Secret. However, he somewhat felt disrespected that he was being taken for a fool. 

This further explains his retaliation at the party and why he inserted himself and changed Haru’s and Dan-oh’s plans.  

Also, we saw more depth to his character in this episode through his constant care and worry for Dan-oh and also when he stood up to his father. 

By seeing Dan-oh in so much pain Bae-Kyung felt responsible to be there for her. He hates the fact that he has to be constantly competing with Haru and tried to show her that he can be good. Dan-oh, of course, is left confused as one minute he seems to resentful but then changes to cute and caring.


Also, although Dan-oh constantly cries for Haru, Baek-Kyung somewhat feels content that Haru had disappeared, that way he won’t have to compete for Dan-oh’s love and attention. 

Being aware of the shadow, he at times uses it to his advantage to release his underlying pain and frustration.  

 Towards the end of this episode, he stood up to his despicable father. Knowing that his father won’t remember once the scene changes, he did not hold back in calling him out on his constant manipulative, abusive and controlling ways. I honestly feel a HUGE sense of relief!

Haru’s Reappearance  Raises A lot of Questions

Haru’s return was the highlight of this episode. However, what unraveled after his return was even more surprising.

Dan-oh after being met with his return was certainly pleased but after realizing that he lost his memories of her, it made her sad. The writers of the comic have changed his role and have made him a loyal friend of Baek-Kyung. While the bromance between the two seems good, Baek-Kyung continually questions and tests him to see what he knows and though he seems to not remember anything, Baek-Kyung still has his suspicions.

We were left with another cliffhanger and some clarity after it appeared that Haru and Dan-oh were very close in the Flower Manhwa. From the glimpse we saw, the two seemed to be in love. It also appeared that since his return he has been pretending to not remember anything. This may be his way of protecting Dan-oh.

After watching this episode, I still have some burning questions. What is the writer’s intention for bringing back Haru after removing him? Is it possibly, to punish Dan-oh for trying to change the story?

Also who exactly is the Dry Squid Fairy? Was he a character in Flower, If yes what role did he play and what more does he know?

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