Extraordinary You Episode 15-16 Recap

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Extraordinary You Episode 15-16 Recap
Extraordinary You Episode 15-16 Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 15-16 Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 15-16 Recap, This episode was really a tearjerker, especially towards the end. I am extremely pleased that Haru has gotten back his memory. Dan-oh can stop being so sad all the time now. I was expecting a kiss from them towards the end, especially when Haru apologized for being late and begged her to look at him. The hug will, however, suffice for now.  Below are the highlights of episode 15-16. 

Haru Dreams:

Throughout this episode, Haru was quite frustrated and annoyed with being told that he is not the same Haru. The glimpses from his memories didn’t make it any easier as it confused him about who he was and made him question his true relationship with Dan-oh. Based on what we saw, the two have a bond that I think has transcended to Secret. The flower(Trumpet Creeper) that they both have serves as a symbol of their love. Its meaning, “even if the world falls apart and the earth splits up I will only wait for you” can be applied to the current situation of Dan-oh and Haru.

His remembering Dan-oh towards the end of this episode was certainly pleasing to her. She had lost hope since his disappearance and with him returning without his memories made things even worse. With his memory back, she will start to fight again and challenged the writer’s predetermined fate set for her. Also I am  curious to see how she will react when she finds out that Haru is her lover from another comic world. 

Baek- Kyung Has Childhood Memories:

Since the last episode, Kyung had started to delve further into his feelings for Dan-oh. In this episode, he mentions the memories he has from his childhood with Dan-oh. Dan-oh, of course, was impressed that he remembered such simple things in detail. Seeing her sad kinda infuriates him, especially knowing that it’s because of Haru. 

One thing for sure, we are now clear on Dan-oh’s feelings towards Baek-kyung, she made it clear that whatever happens on stage is only due to the writer’s intention and does not reflect her true feelings.

In this episode, the writer push the topic of their wedding, hence they may be getting married sooner than we think.

Furthermore, I am curious about Baek-Kyung’s half brother. There is something mysterious about his character and it seems he has somehow become aware. He’s definitely not just an extra. 


Yoo-Da Blackmailed By Nam-Joo’s Mother:

In this episode, Nam-Joo announced to the school that Yoo-Da is officially his woman, seeing Yoo-Da constantly bullied by her peers infuriates him. This confession was set to be revealed at the party but because of Dan-oh changing the story, it did not happen. The writer however ensured that it happened nonetheless and it was the same dialogue as before. 

Also, with Nam-Joo and Yoo-Da taking the next step together, his mother has found a way to keep her in check. She showed up at the school in this episode and made it clear to Yoo-Da that she is not on the same level as her son and that she’s looking for a worthy partner for him. 

Since Nam-Joo’s mother is paying for Yoo-Da grandmother’s hospital bill and has control over her scholarship, she is basically controlled by his mom, which means she cannot pursue her relationship with Nam- Joo as she wants. 

The writer is kind of cruel to her character, but I guess he’s just portraying what happens in the real world. 

She is starting to toughen up though, as in this episode she smirked at her bully Sae Mi when Nam-Joo stood up for her. 

Dry Squid Fairy:

I am still trying to figure out who the Dry Squid Fairy is. In this episode, he burned the Trumpet Creeper as he feared someone might read it and find out more him. He however doesn’t know that Haru has memories of it. 

I don’t believe he is evil even though his character is mysterious at times, he seems to have witnessed something in his past that makes him afraid to go against the writer’s wishes.

Also, guessing from the reaction between Nam-joo’s mom and the Dried Squid Fairy, it makes us wonder what their previous relationship was. Could Nam-Joo’s mother possibly be a villain in “Trumpet Creeper”?

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