Extraordinary You Episode 9-10 Recap

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Extraordinary You Episode 9-10
Extraordinary You Episode 9-10

Extraordinary You Episode 9-10 Recap

Extraordinary You Episode 9-10 Recap. Extraordinary You returns with another well written and intriguing episode for us to enjoy. Each week Extraordinary You plays on its unique premise while ensuring that the humor and the lighthearted tone persists.

Below are the highlights of what occurred in episode 9-10.

Ha-Ru Questions His Identity 

This episode starts off with Ha-Ru admitting that he’s aware of the comic world he is now in. The last episode ended with him telling Baek Kyung that even if he tells him his name, he won’t remember as the story will change. 

This later alerted Eun Dan-oh that he’s now conscious of what’s happening around him. Like the others that have become aware, he goes through an enlightenment process where he further learns his purpose in the story. As the story goes on we see where he constantly questions who he really is and the reason for his existence.

Out of all the other characters that have become aware of the comic world, he’s a bit different as it appears he is from another comic world called Flower. Feeling out of place, he continuously questions his identity and where he came from. The scar in his hand middle also poses a mystery to him as it pains him whenever he attempts to alter the writer’s story.

According to the Dry Squid Fairy, this painful scar is present as a reminder whenever if he ever tries to find out more about his identity.

As the story goes on, he realizes that his eagerness to protect Eun Dan Oh maybe his purpose in the story. Realizing that Dan-oh is destined to die soon, he becomes determined to protect her and later agrees with her plan to alter the story whenever its off stage.

In a confrontation with Dry Squid Fairy, he was threatened and was told that he should keep an eye on Dan-oh and stop her from making changes to the story. This, however, did not affect his decision to help Dan-oh change her predetermined future.

The Love Triangles


Since the last episode, Baek Kyung has been acknowledging his feelings for Dan-oh in the shadow. His broken relationship with his father has somehow affected his ability to truly like her in the past. Being used as a pawn constantly has pushed him to place his anger and blame on Eun Dan -oh. 

However, with Ha-ru stepping in, I believe he fears that he might truly lose her. When Dan-oh called off the engagement he was dumbfounded and became angry.

Ha-ru, who believes that his purpose may be to protect Dan-oh doesn’t hesitate to be there for her.  


Baek Kyung has definitely become aware of his competition. After a game of tennis, he told Ha-ru that he should play tennis with him, that way he can keep an eye on him.

Eun Dan-on isn’t the only character found in a love triangle. Lee Do Hwa also continues to struggle with his underlying love for Yeo Jo-Da. Being conscious of the comic world, he too feels frustrated that he has little control to choose. As a result of this, he constantly finds himself amidst Yeo Joo-Da and Nam Joo.


Eun Dan-Oh Alters the Story

Dan-oh over the previous episodes has become frustrated with the life that she has to constantly play on stage. In this episode, she makes it clear that she just wants a normal life and not one that is set and controlled. 

Having the ability to see parts of the future that surrounds the leads, she came up with the butterfly effect. Realizing that small changes that are made off stage have the potential to affect the outcome on-stage, she makes a plan with Ha-ru and Le Do Hwa

To prevent her vision from happening, Le Do Hwa was quite alright with her plan, since he has been wanting to break out of his predetermined role and tell Yeo Joo Da what he’s feeling.  

The consequnces Dan-oh will face going forward for altering the writer’s story is unknown. However being warned by the Dry Squid Fairy continuoulsy means it won’t be good.

Baek Kyung Aware?

The possibility of Baek Kyung being aware of the comic world has somewhat been puzzling in the past episodes. There are moments where it seems he notices the changes taking place around him but is confused as to what is taking place.

The ending of this episode has however proven to us that he may be conscious of the comic world. He was able to change the outcome of Dan-oh’s vision. 

And also the troublesome smile he gave Ha-ru makes me wonder how long he has been aware of it.

Sadly there is no preview for tomorrow’s episode but i believe, despite Baek kung announcing Dan-oh to be his woman, Ha-ru will still push to keep his place.

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