Extraordinary You Review

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Extraordinary you review
Extraordinary you review

Extraordinary You Review

Extraordinary You Review I, like most people, began watching because of the high ratings (9.1 atm) and the intriguing synopsis. MC in a comic book trying to fight against her fate? Sign me up! The first few episodes did pretty well in setting up the story and world-building. You have Dan Oh who is headstrong and determined to change her fight as a sick girl who has a crush on Baek Kyung, Baek Kyung who treats Dan Oh like trash, Haru who tries to help Dan Oh change her fate, Joo Da who is your typical helpless female lead in the comic, Nam Joo who is your typical rich male lead in the comic, and Do Hwa who is your typical sweet second-male lead. However, towards the middle of the story, Dan Oh’s goal switches and she turns into the cliche girl whose life now centers around romance and being with Haru. Scenes become repetitive as characters lose their memories, scenes successfully manage to be changed only with slight tweaks, and Dan Oh continuously suffers from her sickness without being able to do anything about it.

You’re up to the last four episodes and you’re thinking, what’s progressed between Dan Oh and achieving her sickness goal? NOTHING! The only progress there has been in Dan Oh’s life is in the romance department between her and Haru. And of course, the last four episodes rush everything and almost nothing is explained or satisfyingly resolved in the end. Who is the writer? Why do shadows exist in the first place? Why don’t the characters just get skipped to the next important scene automatically? How do the changed scenes affect the writer’s planning in real life? What’s the point of this whole drama if the characters will face the same problem in the other works the author writes? What happens to the characters after a story is completed? Why does Haru sleep in school? Is he homeless? Where’s his parents? Why don’t we know anything about him after 30 episodes other than that he likes Dan Oh? Dan Oh’s best friend is Ju Da’s bully, yet why does Dan Oh never do anything about it?

– Unique concept (even though a lot of potential is wasted)
– Charming and complex characters (especially Do Hwa and shadow Ju Da)
– Superb acting despite messy storyline (major props to Baek Kyung’s actor)
– Great character developments (Baek Kyung)
– Mix of historical drama background

– Turns into your typical romance story with a high school girl infatuated with a guy and prioritizing him over her own life
– Undeveloped characters (looking at you, Haru)
– Sends bad messages (romance vs. life, no free will, can’t change your fate, bullying)
– TONS of plotholes
– Not a lot of questions answered
– Repetitive scenes
– Terrible and rushed ending

All in all, if you’re looking for a romance drama with a bit of a “forbidden love” twist and angst in it, this is for you. Just don’t look too deep into the whole character-being-unable-to-change-her-fate concept. If you’re planning on watching it because the synopsis sounds interesting, brace yourself for the disappointment. The rushed ending leaving millions of questions unanswered will crush you.



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