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Watch Touch Your Heart Episode 16
Watch Touch Your Heart Episode 16

As you might know by now is your where following Touch Your Heart, the Kdrama as come to on end. However, I would like to share with you the fans reaction to the final episode.

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Fans Reactions

Love this drama, so cute, so romantic and very sweet. Lee Dong Wook is getting better and better in his acting; Yoo In Na has such sweet acting and at the same time she is so cute. Loving the chemistry on the leading cast.

Love the couple of lawyers. Wonderful drama”


Omg i didn’t even realize I was on the last episode until the abrupt ending! Nooooooooooooo!! I’ll miss it so much!”
i will miss this drama especially all the cast they are all so good…..”
Just came back to re-watch… now trying to come to terms with the idea that is over. Can we have these 2 commit to do another series together… PLEASE!!”
They are Still so Sweet Together!!!! Enjoyed the show!! Thanks Cast and Crew!! So nice to watch this charming Drama after having watched C-Dramas’ where the couples don’t look to end up well!!!! Always Amazed when experienced actors can pull off such sweet and innocent roles!!! Of
Course that’s why they are so Great!!”
Oh dang!! Waited 16 eps for a kiss scene with Lee Sang Woo and all we got was a peck??? Soooo disappointed. Darn newlywed actors….”
It was sooo goood enjoyed every second of it ❤❤❤ These two have amazing chemistry????”
I can’t say enough good things about this drama. And as everyone has already noted the main characters chemistry was off charts. I really hope we get to see these two actors in another series together. It’s the only fair to keep sharing their incredible talent w us their fans! <3″
Just wanted this drama to keep going! The casting for ALL was the best I think I’ve ever seen! I think they developed ALL the characters so we could be interested in the leads but also in the side stories. I will remember this one for a long time and it will rank up there in my top 5!”