Graceful Family Ending Explained

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Graceful Family Ending Explained
Graceful Family Ending Explained

Graceful Family Ending Explained

Graceful Family Ending Explained for those who might be a little confused. The last episode had a lot going, which is normally how most Korean dramas are ending, they try to cover and conclude a lot in just one one hour episode. However, Drama Obsess is here to break it all down for you.

Retribution for all the Bad characters

Everyone that did anything bad was dealt with as they should be, but some of the sentences seem light for a few of the characters. A lot of fans were upset that Han Je Kook (Bae Jong Ok) only got a 4 years after all the evil shit she pulled. But that’s the law, you only get charged and prison time for what the prosecutors can prove. They didn’t have much on her, especially the more heinous crimes she committed like orchestrating the murder of Mo Suk Hee grandfather/father.

Mo Wan Soo committed suicide due to the fact that he killed Mo Suk Hee’s mother. I was very shocked and kind of upset when I found out that Mo Wan Soo was responsible for Mo Suk Hee’s mother’s death. He was one of the characters that I truly liked in the drama, he was suave and very daring and fun to watch. He was not loved by his mom and he killed for his mother’s sake but she still did not love him and till the very end.

Speaking of Mother, Ha Young Seo and her son Mo Wan Joon are in prison for fraud and bribing. They eventually accepted the reality of their situation and who they are/were in while in prison. Ha Young Seo got a painting from Mo Wa Soo and she cried while realizing that all he needed was his mother’s love but she only gave it to her other son. However, it’s too late since he died and all she can do is cry away from the pain.


Mo Suk Hee and Heo Yoon Do 

The ending between Mo Suk Hee and Heo Yoon Do is what might be the most confusing. It seems that while meeting at the police station they were away from each other. Mo Suk Hee was in America studying for a law license and she just came back. She used the police incident to surprise Heo Yoon Do. This is a reminder of how they met in the beginning. 

Mc Group is under the management of professionals, it seems Mo Suk Hee thought it was best to hand over the handling of the company to real professionals that could grow the company so as to make her a lot of money, which she brags about to Heo Yoon Do.

She proposes investing some of her huge profit from MC Group into starting a law office with Heo Yoon Do. He is currently not working for any big company and turned down major positions at MC Group and other places.

They kiss and profess their love and are happy ever after even now. So that’s graceful family ending explained for you all. Hoped it made sense and you enjoyed it. Also, there is a recap of episode 16 on Drama Obsess.