Graceful Family Episode 1 and 2 Recap

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Graceful Family Episode Recap 1 and 2 Recap

Graceful Family Episode Recap 1 and 2 Recap. Graceful Family will definitely be one of the hit dramas of 2019. With just 4 episodes, the drama has captured the hearts of many Korean drama fans. On August 29, the fourth episode of “Graceful Family” achieved its highest viewership ratings yet. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode scored an average rating of 2.9 percent nationwide.

The drama is very interesting and is fast-paced which makes it exciting to watch. The cast is perfect and each character portrays their roles very well. In bringing off the dramatic and comedic aspect of Graceful Family, the writers also aim to share some very serious points about the advantages and privileges powerful people possess in Korea.

This recap will aim to sum up the roles of the main characters and the main points of episode 1 and 2.

Episode 1 and 2

Graceful Family is about a powerful organization by the name of TOP that works to protect the image of MC Group and cover the secrets of their messy life. While these conglomerates appear perfect on the outside, the family is filled with hidden secrets and family members that resent each other. 

Due to their powerful status in the Korean business world, they able to influence socio-political changes.   

Episode one and two basically sets the premise and introduced the main characters. 

Seok Hee- The Future Heiress To MC Group

The drama surrounds the life of the only daughter of MC Group, Mo Seok Hee (played by Im Soo Hyang), a brainy and cheeky heiress who is on a secret mission to uncover the truth behind her mother’s murder from 15 years ago.

In episode 1, Seok Hee had returned from the US after hearing that her dear grandfather had been hospitalized but was later forced to return by her father, who failed miserably.  Seok Hee is also the promised heiress that her grandfather has chosen to be the next leader of MC Group, however, her father along with the help of Top will go to all lengths to ensure that does not happen.

She has over the years grown to resent her father as he constantly keeps tracks of her every move and has tried to cover up the unjust killing of her mother.

When Seok Hee was forced to go to the US after her mom’s death, she was cut off from the reality of Korean. However, she still had a burner phone that would get messages of what was taking place in Korea. Not knowing who it is that has been updating her, she is left curious and tries to find out who the person is.

Throughout the episodes, Seok Hee has proven to be a badass that constantly challenges her father and TOP, who tries to put her down. Trust me when I say, you’ll have no choice but to fall in love with her character. 

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The CEO of TOP Han Je Kook, played by Bae Jong Ok is the problem fixer of MC Group and is ridden with dark corruptible secrets that she constantly carries out for MC Group. While she is an ex-judge and her influence is strong and she tends to use manipulation to satisfy and achieve her goals.  

Episode 2, unveils that Jong Ok played a part in covering up the killing of Seok Hee’s mother.

Heo Yoon Do The Struggling Lawyer

Heo Yoon Do played by Lee Jang Woo is an inexperienced upcoming lawyer who is struggling financially and who lives with his father. After meeting Seok Hee at a police station, the two started to exchange offensive slurs after Seok Hee was accused of causing a car accident

Trying to escape the securities of TOP, Seok Hee hitched a ride from Yoon-Do to visit her grandfather in the hospital. He was later left worried about her, after seeing that she was being followed by these men in suits not truly knowing who they were. In the 2nd episode, Seok-Hee needed a personal lawyer and he was the one that came to her mind. Being filthy rich, she promised to pay him a lot. Yoon-Do who was struggling financially at the time took her up on the offer.

Both Seok-Hee and Yoon-Do have more in common than they are aware of. In episode 2, it was revealed that Yoon Do’s mother was the housekeeper of Seok Hee’s dead mother. In an effort t cover up her killing, TOP’s CEO blamed Yoon-Do’s mother for the crime which resulted in her acquiring life imprisonment without parole. 

As the episode goes on, you will continue to see how Yoon-do tries to adapt to his new workplace. Being an upright lawyer who believes in justice, he will be pressured to succumb to the ways of TOP’s principles.

Mo Chul Hee- MC Group Chairman

Mo Chul Hee played by Jung Won Joong is the chairman of MC Group. Being such a powerful man, Mo Chul Hee is feared and somewhat respected by his household, with the exception of his only daughter Seok-Hee. 

Chul Hee is also known to be promiscuous as his children are mothered by 3 different women. 

In the episode, we see where he eagerly waits for his sick father to die so that he can maximize his power at MC Group and be the ultimate head. His daughter Seok Hee poses as a challenge to him as his father Mo Wang Pyo wishes for her to take over; hence his reason for trying to keep her in the US.

The Sons of MC Group

Mo Wan Soo played by Lee Kyu Han is the eldest son of MC Group but is also a drunkard. He is the brother of the family that jokes a lot and tries to get along with everyone. Though he appears simple and at times foolish, I believe it is just a facade to mislead his family.

The second eldest son is Mo Wan Joon played by Kim Jin Woo, who is the CEO of Green Technology. Kim Jin Woo appears perfect on the outside but is an unfaithful husband who seems to be having an affair with one of TOP’s employees. 

The third son of MC Group is Mo Seo Jin who was conceived after Seok-Hee was sent to live in the US. He plays the role of the typical spoiled rich teenage boy.

If you are looking to be entertained by great acting, a great cast and a crazy storyline then I recommend this to you.

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