Graceful Family Episode 15 Recap

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Graceful Family Episode 15 Recap
Graceful Family Episode 15 Recap

Graceful Family Episode 15 Recap

Graceful Family Episode 15 Recap. As you already know this is a 16 episode Korean drama which is the standard. So episode 15 is the climax for this drama. In this episode we are going to see the stakes raised as Mo Seok Hee, Heo Yoon Do and company will make their final stance against Top and MC Group family.

Heo Yoon Do mother’s retrial gets denied

Ms. Han worked her magic aka bribed the judge in charge of the Yoon Do mother’s retrial to get the case denied. This was a huge blow to Heo Yoon Do despite him knowing there was a high chance the case would be denied a retrial. 

Ms. Han and Yoon Do meet up at MC group, where Ms. Han tries to convince Yoon Do to give up on the retrial, telling him he couldn’t win. This confrontation led to a major clash of ideals and morals with both characters explaining and defending their point of view as to why they are who they are.

Mo Seok Hee finds out her Grandfather is her real Father

In this episode of Graceful Family Mo Seok Hee finds out that her grandfather is her real father. Ms. Jung was the one that relaid this message to her. She was shocked by the revelation, understandably so because her whole world was shaking. 

Making matters worse she found out that her mother is not her biological mother. She was completely shaken by all this new information being revealed, however, she quickly regains her composure and decides to use this information to her advantage.


Mo Seok Hee reveals to her Family that she is her Grandfather’s Daughter

Mo Seok Hee revealed at breakfast that her position in the family has now risen and demanded the respect that came with it. She let her brothers know that she is now their Aunt and her stepmother is now her sister-in-law. 

She told her sister in law that she will be making some changes in the household and if she is not happy with it she can move out. Overall this was a very funny scene to watch the disbelief and their faces especially her step mother’s was great to watch.

Mo Seok Hee’s Mother Murderer Revealed

The most shocking revelation this episode was finding out who killed Mo Seok Hee’s mother. What makes this revelation even more shocking was who it was, it was the person Mo Seok Hee was closest to in the family. The murderer is Mo Wan Soo and he was just as shock as us the viewers to find out he was the murderer. Ms. Han told him while explaining to him why she could not make him the Ceo of Mc Group.

I would like to think it’s not him because he his really the only one who gets along with Mo Seok Hee. Let us hope that Ms. Han is lying even though it’s quite doubtful

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