Graceful Family Episode 15 What to Expect

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Graceful Family Episode 15
Graceful Family Episode 15

Graceful Family Episode 15 What to Expect

Graceful Family Episode 15 is just about to be released and so I want to take this time to give you guys a rundown of what to expect. As you already know this is a 16 episode Korean drama which is the standard. So episode 15 is the climax for this drama. In this episode we are going to see the stakes raised as Mo Seok Hee, Heo Yoon Do and company will make their final stance against Top and MC Group family.

Mo Seok Hee’s Grandfather is Actually Her Father

As was revealed in episode 14 Mo Seok Hee Grandfather is actually her father which means the CEO is her brother and not her father. This revelation sends her father to the hospital. From the preview, it seems like Mo Seok Hee will use this information to her advantage to battle with Top and her family.


Mo Seok Hee’s Mother Murder will be Revealed

This episode we most likely will see who is really responsible for the murder of Mo Seok Hee’s mother. This is one of the biggest mysteries of the drama currently. Heo Yoon Do mother has spent 15 years behind bars for this crime innocently. This means we might see her getting out of prison this episode or in the final episode which will be the conclusive episode.


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