Graceful Family Episode 16 Recap

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Graceful Family Episode 15 Recap
Graceful Family Episode 15 Recap

Graceful Family Episode 16 Recap

Graceful Family Episode 16 Recap. Welcome back to another recap of Graceful family, also this will be the last recap. The drama is now concluded and so I will be giving my overall thoughts on the drama. As usual, this recap will contain spoilers.

Mo Wan Soo Motive for killing Mo Seok Hee’s Mother

Mo Wan Soo has always craved his mother’s approval and affection. As seen through the drama she always belittles him and it affects him deeply. So when his mother’s position in the MC Group family was threatened by his father’s first wife, (Mo Seok Hee’s Mother) return to the main house, to resume her role as the main wife, he wanted to do something to help his mother. 

He thought by doing this he might be able to finally get his mother’s approval. So he confronted his stepmother and begged her to leave his father. He was on his knees begging her, telling her that this is all he can do for his mother. His stepmom turned him down and called him pathetic, this triggered him as he recalls how his mother constantly calls him pathetic as well. He then in a fit of rage stabs her, this was also his desperate way of saving his mother position as the main wife of MC Group.

Mo Wan Soo Confess to his Crime and Killed Himself

Mo Wan Soo confesses to killing his stepmother. You could tell he was sorrowful about the whole thing especially him realizing his actions hurt his sister/auntie as well as Heo Yoon Do. He visited Heo Yoon Do to have a talk with him and wished him a happy life, he was saying his final goodbyes. On his final day, he dressed up and confessed to Mo Seok Hee and Heo Yoon Do at the dinner table. He told them to go to the prosecutor to see the details of his confession to which he killed himself afterwards. 

Mo Seok Hee was saddened by his death, despite the fact he murdered her mother, he was her closest family member in the family. So she was conflicted with his death. She was sad she lost her brother but also said that he chose the easy way out.

Mo Seok Hee Got her Mc Group Shares

Mo Seok Hee was able to prove that she is the daughter of her grandfather. She was able to get her shares with this as well as stop the appointment of Mo Wan Joon as CEO of MC Group. She completely defeated Ms. Han and Top’s expectations.


Mo Wan Joon and Ha Young Seo Sent to Prison

Mo Wan Joon and Ha Young Seo were sent to prison by Mo Seok Hee. This was probably one of the most satisfying moments in the show. Seeing Ha Young Seo being dragged by the cops was just satisfying as hell.

Mo Seok Hee got Ha Young Seo for fraud, copyright infringement and stealing her mother’s artwork. While Moo Wan Joon was charged with insider trading, fraud and setting up a paper company. 

Ms. Han and Top Members Sent to Prison and Heo Yoon Do Mom released

Ms. Han and the top members accepted their fate of going to prison. Ms. Han got the most time out of the group. Ms. Han came to an agreement with the prosecutor to leave MC Group out of the trial and she can guarantee to get less  prison time. Ms. Han was loyal to Mc Group well being to the very end. 

The confession of Mo Wan Soo, as well as the conviction of Ms. Han for tampering with evidence in the murder case, was enough to get Heo Yoon Do’s mother was found innocent of all crimes and release from prison.


The drama finished with the good guys winning. Mo Seok Hee and Heo Yoon Do decide to start their own law firm. They are together and everything seems right in the world. Overall, I must say I really enjoyed this drama. It was funny but quite serious as well. A lot of themes were touched on in this drama such as love, identity, loyalty, power and corruption. I can gladly recommend this drama to anyone and be confident they will love it.

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