Graceful Family Episode 5 Recap

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Graceful Family Episode 6 recap
Graceful Family Episode 5 Recap
Graceful Family Episode 5 Recap

Graceful Family Episode 5 Recap. In this episode of Graceful Family, Yoon Do got to meet his mother after fifteen years and Mo Seok Hee continues to seek answers about her mother’s killing while preparing to take over MC Group.

Below are the highlights of Episode 5.

Mo Wang Pyo Surprises Everyone

This episode continued with the owner of MC Group waking up after 15 years and shocking everyone with his unexpected return. Seok-Hee was certainly glad to see her beloved grandfather after fifteen years and so was he. His arrival was the perfect timing as his son, the Chairman was just about to make his announcement of the next successor of MC Group.

With his timely arrival, Mo Wang Pyo’s was able to inform everyone of his plan to give all of MC distributions and estates to Seok Hee. He also stated that if Seok Hee should die all her shares will be given to charity.

Consequently, Ms. Han who had disobeyed Mo Wang Pyo orders years ago, had to take a step back and rethink her plan to get Seok Hee out. To add to this, the family was shocked to hear that they wouldn’t be given a cent.

Also, Mo Seok Hee has finally found out who has been sending her updates on the burner phone over the years, to her surprise it was her grandfather’s help, Jung Yoon Ja. Apparently, she was playing TOP and Ms. Han who trusted her as an informant.

Yoon Ja was able to clear up some concerns for Seok Hee by telling her that the woman serving time in jail wasn’t the actual killer of her mother. With this in mind, Seok Hee made it her mission to find out more about the killing.

Yoon-Do Sees His Mother After Fifteen Years

 Since her indictment, Yoon-Do has visited his mother, Im Soon once. In an attempt to protect him, his mom would always decline to see him. 


Also, in trying to find answers to her mother’s death Seok Hee requested that Yoon-Do set up a meeting with Im Soon, not knowing it was Yoon-Do’s mother.

Based on what the writers have unveiled so far, Im Soon was blackmailed and threatened to take the blame for the killing of Seok Hee’s mother. One of Yoon’s reasons for becoming a lawyer was to bring justice to his mom and punish everyone that played a part in making this innocent woman into a criminal.
By working at TOP, his eyes have been opened to the many injustices that exist and the power struggles of the biggest and most powerful.

To take them down, he has now realized that he would have to play dirty as following the law would not be able to solve his mother’s issue. TOP and MC group basically owns and dictates the law, hence his decision to play dirty.

After meeting Im Soon, Seok Hee was later prompted to believe that her mother’s real killer was out there.
Yoon-Do and Seok-Hee has become closer after realizing that the incident that occurred years ago, caused both their moms to be taken away from them.

The Shareholders Meeting

Towards the ending of this episode, everyone prepares for the shareholder’s meeting and Seok Hee gets ready to take her rightful place as CEO. However, Ms. Han leader of TOP has set in place a strategy that will make Seok Hee unqualified to become CEO.

The unraveling of this plan will be continued in the next episode. Will Seok Hee overcome the obstacles set in place or will Ms. Han plan to keep her down work?

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