Graceful Family Episode 6 Recap

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Graceful Family Episode 6 recap
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Graceful Family Episode 6 recap

Graceful Family Episode 6 recap. Back again to bring to you another exciting recap of Graceful Family. This episode was very heavy for our leading lady Mo Seok Hee, as she lost someone very dear to her. As you read, keep in mind these recaps contain spoilers.

Mo Seok Hee Beats DUI Charge

Mo Seok Hee was set up by Han Je Kook to be hit with a DUI charge, so she would miss the share holder meeting to select her as CEO of MC Group. After she was arrested, she explained to her lawyer and the police that she has a rare disease that turns carbohydrates into alcohol when she consumes it.  As the episode went on she was able to get her medical records and doctors from the United States to support her claim, which helped in her being released.

New Share Holder Meeting

Mo Seok Hee, Heo Yoon Do and her grandfather come up with a plan to reverse the decision of the board to appoint her father as CEO instead of her. They decided to sue Mo seok Hee’s father as well as reorganize another share holder meeting.

At this meeting, they explained how Mo Seok Hee was actually not drunk while driving but instead have a rare disease that resulted in the misunderstanding.

The meeting was going good, and the shareholders seemed to be warming up to the idea of Mo Seok Hee as the shareholder, however Top Boss (Han Je Kook) had other devious plans set in motion.

Mo Seok Hee Grandfather Dies

During the shareholder meeting Mo Seek Hee received a call from the very smart and incredible evil Han Je Kook, where she requested to speak to Mo Seok’s grandfather. She said something to the grandfather that shocks him so bad that he died from a heart attack. 


Han Je Kook who later received the grandfather’s medical information used it to her advantage to complete her plan.

Han Je Kook has showed how dangerous and fearsome she can be in this episode; even her partner in crime Mo Seok’s father is becoming scared of her.  By realizing how dangerous she is, the Chairman and his son prepare to get rid of her.


Mo Seok Hee All Alone

Han Je Kook manages to isolate Mo Seok Hee. She got rid of her grandfather which was her biggest and strongest ally, as well as the helper and the director that was loyal to Mo Seok Hee and her grandfather.

To add to this, Han Je Kook is now coming for Heo Yoon Do. In this episode, she offered him a permanent position in Top but he would have to choose between being loyal to Mo Seok and betraying her. I do think he will be a double agent though.

Now Mo Seok is pushed into a corner where she has no one but herself to rely on. Lets she how she regroups and attack again in the coming episodes.

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