Graceful Friends Episode 14 Review & Recap

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Graceful Friends Episode 14 Review & Recap
Graceful Friends Episode 14 Review & Recap

             Graceful Friends Episode 14 Review & Recap

Graceful Friends Episode 14 Review & Recap. Graceful Friends is back this week with another episode, which gives us the big reveal of who killed Kang-San. While it’s what most of us predicted, this episode had a sour-sweet effect.

 There were many lessons to grab from this episode as Jung-Hae and Goong-Cheol were faced with the tragedy of coming close to losing their beloved son. 

It is ofter said that sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring people closer together. This occurrence will probably cause both Jung-Hae and Goong-Cheol to make the decision to focus on Yoo-bin going forward. It is also during this time that people see the value of people in their lives.

While sitting at Yoo-Bin’s beside, Jung-Hae admitted how much she appreciated having such a wonderful son. 

Yoo Bin’s accident also brought Jae-Hoon to evaluate himself which led him to reveal the truth to the police of his crime. After seeing the pain Jung-Hae and Goong-Cheol was in, he probably felt sorrowful for single-handedly destroying their marriage and also losing such a great friend as Goong-Cheol. 

What many of us are now wondering is, who is the culprit that ran over Yoo-Bin. Was it simply a hit and run or is there someone behind it?  

Could it possibly be Jae-Hoon? I cannot fathom that he is so outrightly evil. Although he was hell-bent on breaking up Goong-Cheol’s and Jung-Hae’s marriage, apart of me wants to believe that deep down, in a despairing way, he probably cherished his friendship with Goong-Cheol.


It’s unquestionably a vile act but based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s also well within Jae-Hoon’s ability to do this.

 His obsession and ‘love’ for Jung-Hae probably drove him to do this despicable act. His he really that evil and driven by obsession to hurt a child? And also how is it that he was at that particular place and that particular time. Coincidence? 

             Graceful Friends Episode 14 Review & Recap

 Let’s see this week when the story further unfolds. 

 Also, Hae-bok’s cancer appears to be taking over fast. She has lived a despicable life. I hope she makes it right with all the persons she has wronged. 

Choon-Book’s dementia also appears to be progressing, but I can’t help but wonder if there is something more to his character. Thinking back, we can definitely say all his friends had a double life and secrets. Will Choon-Book’s character be further unraveled in the next episodes? 

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