Graceful Friends Episode 15 Recap

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Graceful Friends Episode 15 Recap
Graceful Friends Episode 15 Recap

Graceful Friends Episode 15 Recap

Graceful Friends Episode 15 Recap. Graceful Friends is back this week with another episode, which eases the tension a bit that was built up from the previous episodes.
We see where Hae-sook and Jae-Hoon do a bit of reflecting on their past which reminds them of the good relationship they share with Jung-Hae and Goong-Cheol.

Ridden by guilt Jae-Hoon finds himself at the police station admitting to the killing of Kang-San. However, what he didn’t know was that someone had removed the evidence from the secret room in his apartment.

As the episode went on, it appears the person that may have tampered with the evidence was either Goong-Cheol or Hae-suk.

Also in this episode, Hae-suk and Jae-Hun finally reconciled after years of malice and resentment. Going through the stress of almost losing her Yoo-bin, Jae-hun is left in a sad state and the person she thought to turn to was her former best friend.

Hae-suk also finally met Yoo-bin, while he laying on his hospital bed. I think in this episode Hae-Suk, basically wrapped a lot of things, which was her way of saying goodbye and being repentant for all the lives she had interfered with.
Saying goodbye to her love Goong-Choel was very hard for her though.



Furthermore, the fact that the detectives have been reprimanded for their ways of solving Kang-San’s murder shows that someone is a higher position is giving orders. Could this Jae-Hoon’s dad or his brother?

Yu-Bin coming out of a coma is a relief for Goong-Cheong and Jae-Hung. His recovery will tell if they get closer or more distant as a couple.

Kyung-Ja is such an honest and mature person. I understand why she doesn’t want her son to be involved with Aa-re. In this episode, we found out that it’s not solely because Aa-re is an adult movie start but because of her initial reason for approaching her son.
I however believe love will prevail for Aa-re and Ji-Wook.
I’m curious to see who exactly who carried out the hit and run. Was there more to it? Was it intentional?

It appears like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out the outcome of our characters.

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