Han Seok Kyu vs Choi Jin Ho Romantic Doctor

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Han Seok Kyu vs Choi Jin Ho
Han Seok Kyu vs Choi Jin Ho

Han Seok Kyu vs Choi Jin Ho Romantic Doctor

Han Seok Kyu vs Choi Jin Ho. The Monster is back to his old tricks, repeating old mistakes and expecting different results, trying to overtake the Master. He forgets or maybe doesn’t even know the only way to becoming a true Master is to devote oneself to a cause with one’s whole strength and soul. He is no way close, that is why he is what he is and Kim is the Master!


By profession a doctor cannot choose who they treat, they are bound by the hippocratic oath, which outweighs personal conviction, nor is it about one’s gain. This episode is about understanding one’s own trauma and trying to deal with it – be it emotional, physical, or mental trauma — everyone’s trauma is different and everyone’s healing happens in different stages, acknowledging the need for that healing is the first step and Doldum Hospital is that space and Kim Sab-u is the the stage for Dr. Seo, Eun-chae, or anyone else that needs it even if they don’t realize they do. That’s the beauty of this drama and Doldam Hospital. Love me some President Yoon!


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