He Is Psychometric Episode 8 Review | Major Progress

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He Is Psychometric Episode 8
He Is Psychometric Episode 8

He is Psychometric Episode 8 was very good. The story progress tremendously in more ways than one. By the way, this review will contain spoilers so if you have not yet watched episode 8 read no further.

Episode 8 of He is Psychometric was exciting and entertaining for one main reason progress. The story progress on almost all fronts. The cops and prosecutors made huge progress in their case, Lee Ahn (Jinyoung) and Yoon Jae In (Shin Ye Eun) relationship progressed to the next level and Prosecutor Kang(Kim Kwon) character progress.

The police and Prosecutor had a major break in their case. It turns out that there is a major link between the apartment Fire/Murder case, the nursing home case and the body found in the suitcase case. The cops arrested a bunch of people at employee agency which was a front to steal peoples identity. One of the employees there shared vital information that gave the police a major lead.

He is Psychometric Episode 8 relationship progression between Lee Ahn and Yoon Jae In. The two main lead took their relationship to the next level. The two shared a beautiful kiss and Lee Ahn was able to get a read on Yoon Jai In past. This was major progress, this was teased from episode one and finally, episode 8 delivered which means episode 9 will be very exciting.

Prosecutor Kang(Kim Kwon) character is very mysterious in this drama. However, episode 8 peeled back the curtains on his character and reveal major details. For one he is associated with the real culprit of the Apartment Fire/Murder that killed Lee Ahn parents. This episode Lee Ahn got a read on Prosecutor Kang book which revealed a childhood scene with his mom that suggest that the mystery man might be his father.

Overall I would rate this episode 10/10 out of ten due to all the major progress made to the story/plot as well as character development. It also set the stage for an excited episode 9.