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Heated Love Triangle In Extraordinary You Episode 9-10

Extraordinary You Episode 9-10

Heated Love Triangle in Extraordinary You Episode 9-10

Based on the stills released for the next episode, we see where Eun Dan Oh has found herself between two interestingly handsome men who have fallen for her charms.
After finding out that she is in a manhwa world, Eun Da Oh has tried to make peace with her reality. However, being an extra and not the center of the story have taken a toll on her.


In an effort to change the predetermined fate set by the writers, she constantly tries to rewrite her own story.

The stills for this week’s episode suggest that Eun Dah Oh will be apart of a triangular love. While the writers of the comic want her to be love-struck by her incredibly mean and handsome fiance, she finds herself falling for extra Number 13, the sweet and caring soon to be boyfriend.

The stills also imply that she will go against the writer’s wishes and will call off her engagement with Baek Kyung. However, there may be dire consequences to her actions.

With the last episode ending with a bang, I am curious to find out what Number 13 will do to protect his love, now that he is aware of the world he is in.

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3 thoughts on “Heated Love Triangle In Extraordinary You Episode 9-10”

  1. Me too, I want her to end up with her fiancé . All the things he did to her was according to the script and not of his accord. He has long being forgiven in my book 😊

    1. Yes totally agree. He did what the writers wrote. He seems to really like Dan-oh and although I want them to end up together I think the writers will make Ha-Ru the winning guy.

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