Her Private Life Episode 3 Fans Recap

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Her Private Life Recap Episode 3
Her Private Life Recap Episode 3

Since the airing of episode 3 of Her private Life, many persons are left in excitement for next week’s episodes.
Here is what Kdrama fans over the internet have to say about episode 3 of Her Private Life. Be aware! These recaps may contain SPOILERS!


THE LAST SCENEEEEE I’m so excited for the next episode. I love the two leads together already ugh, he seems so mysterious and aware of the little things <3 and she’s so hard-working I LOVE IT!

Sh Esc

I love the characters. The leads have their quirks but are such responsible humans. I love the writing so far and I can’t wait to see what happens next <3


This episode was supposed to be glorious because she finally got to meet her idol and it was for like the first 20 minutes but misfortune was bound to happen at some point. It’s sad that fans still act this way, everyone has a life and whether their an idol or not they should be able to date just like the rest of us.
These leads are fierce, Eun Gi coming through to protect Deok Mi when airsoft pellets were being shot and eggs being thrown. Then there is Ryan Gold who gave his jacket to Deok Mi when she got wet and he also stopped a car from running her over.
She has TWO great men without even knowing it, now that is luck!


“SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND”… How can I wait for the next episode now ?!

Ryan is so caring omg… Like the way, he looks at her and he tries to make her life easier (but fail miserably lmao)! The fact that he revealed her a bit of his past was really cute too… Anww I really love it when the male lead fall in love first! Moreover, all his smiles in the preview! I can already see that he likes being Deok Mi’s boyfriend


And the kiss in the preview… Please, god of Kdrama, ignore the rule of “the kiss will happen in the 8th episode” and just let them kiss. Please don’t let someone or something prevents it 🙏
The all sasaeng part and Deok Mi having her day ruined after finally meeting his idol was just sad… It really shows how “worshipping someone” can become really obsessive and fxcked up…
Also, Cha Si Ahn seems really shady? It was like he was putting a “cute act”… Anyway, it may be only because of Lee Seol painting.


Ok ep 3 ending — Ryan, you’ve convinced me. I’m rooting for you. (although I’m also rooting for her childhood friend…? decisions decisions)
Also I’m shocked to see so many comments about how Min Young’s character here is the same as WWWSK… like, they have some similar traits, but otherwise, they’re pretty different characters… Just imagine Mi So being a sasaeng and fangirling over an idol. It’s totally out of line with her character, lol..


Love line is now rolling and I’m glad both leads have romantic chemistry. I can’t wait for ep4… but dmn die-hard fans are twisted and scary. What do they gain to live like that? I really don’t understand it.
Well at a certain degree we are all fans I guess. Though I don’t stalk I sure would like to meet Song Ji Hyo and Yu Hae Jin.


3 episodes yet I am enjoying every minute of it. Many will say its a cliché thing – but I don’t see it like that.
One of the reasons I love the story is because of Sung Duk-mi (Park Min-young) – the story is about a capable art curator and a fangirl.
WE ARE ALL A FANGIRL. But most of the others THINK that fangirls are YOUNG GIRLS who use their parent’s allowance. 🙁 That’s a sad typical thinking of others.
I stan GOT7, EXO, INFINITE and I love Jessi, Yoon Mi-rae, AOMG, and EPIK HIGH. And at the same time, I love anime and manga – and yes I am a working adult. I have a position in the company I work for. I am serious at work and yes I do attend concerts and events as well.
I love that they establish the fangirl as not some typical teenagers but as a working professional.
Ryan (Kim Jae-wook) doesn’t act like the typical CEO – arrogant and shouting and full of ego. Here – he is but a human who speaks with calm and when he was angry it is within reasons. He is an Artist with a past and I like the way he looks like a real artist (painter). What’s more, is Kim Jae-wook – he is a piece of art himself. He has the voice, the face and the aura of an enigmatic artist.
I’m really thankful for this series

drama monster

HELLO SHE’S JUST WAY TOO LUCKY but we all relate to her unfortunate events at times BUT SHE IS STILL LUCKY LIKE WHO TF GETS TO MEET HER IDOL AND HAVE A FINE LOOKING DIRECTOR BESIDE HER AND PROTECTING HER?!?!?! NOT TO MENTION A CARING BROTHER (BEST FRIEND) WHO CARES FOR HER well Eun Gi is definitely going to shake our heart as the second lead tho.. But this story is really interesting and relatable anyways except for the ‘surrounded by all the handsome boys’ part.


Is it weird that when Sung Deok Mi turns fangirl mode, I feel like I’m mirroring her emotions from the screen? HAHAHAHA. What she felt when she went to Sian’s house, geez, I felt all that. And of course, it’s Jung Jae Won/One, so…who wouldn’t fangirl? Lol.
Sasaeng fans. I don’t understand why they obsess in an extreme level like that. I’m a fangirl too but I just can’t understand them. As if they treat their idols as an object. Worst case scenario is when dating scandal arises. They’re not true fans if they can’t wish and support their idol’s happiness. I find that pathetic and kind of pitiful in some way.
Romance is slowly unfolding! I’m still torn between Ryan and Eun Gi though. Haha. And I’m soooo waiting for the moment Ryan finds out about the real relationship of Deokmi and her friend (Seonjoo? I can’t remember her name). That would be hilarious.
Her Private Life Episode 3 Fans Recap

How was episode 3 of Her Private Life for you? Did you enjoy it?

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