Her Private Life Episode 4- Fans Recap

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Here is what Kdrama fans over the internet have to say about episode 4 of Her Private Life. Be aware! These recaps may contain SPOILERS!

Ryan Gold the type of guy who acts aloof but in reality is the biggest dork, he’s so cute

They should really make a hallmark card edition for the arrange of confused faces Ryan makes every time he misunderstands her and her best friend’s relationship. I practically died when he asked her why she even bore with it and she responded with a straight face ‘Well, she’s really rich..’ Some serious kudos to those writers.

In ep4 they were oozing with chemistry! shimkoooong~~
it’s so much fun to have a romcom I actually can enjoy. it’s silly enough that it won’t stress me out and it has so much fluff that makes me feel better 😉

I really love that Ryan is actually all soft inside. I like that he has a reasonable amount of arrogance but that’s not all that’s to him. I love Duk Mi because she is so bubbly, smart, confident both in her job and at her fangirl work.
I often feel like with Kdrama heroines you’ll get smart or bubbly but here we have both. I love that she has an actual full-time hobby but still is in love with her job, though it not being her initial dream.


But seriously this drama makes me wanna fall in love.


I’m a k-pop fan, and tbh it’s a bit sobering to see fans’ obsessive behaviour depicted in the drama. I wish I could say the drama overdramatized how k-pop fans act, but that would be a big fat lie lol

Ryan Gold is a literal GOLD! Sure he started off as your typical cold and arrogant k-drama male lead but he’s truly won me over in the past 4 episodes.
I love how thoughtful he is and how he is willing to recognize AND apologize for his mistakes without being prompted. Throughout the dating scandal, he was more than aware that he caused it, and went above and beyond to fix it, again without being asked to.
I see his coldness only as a way to protect himself, not a character trait, and we already see that front being peeled away by Deok-mi. Not to mention the hilarious misunderstanding 😀 He’s just so protective of Deok-mi’s “relationship” lol.
Kim Jae-wook is so swoon-worthy, I can’t believe this is his first proper rom-com lead role!


Team misunderstandings! Him trying to figure out her love life while being respectful, protective and utterly baffled is too good to stop anytime soon.

This is ridiculous, why would she accept those sasaeng fans’ assault and justify it saying they couldn’t help but do it and relate to their behaviour. If they wanted to make this more realistic, at least they could have made her character younger and cast a younger actress because I sure as hell hope no 30+ years old women actually behave like this in real life.

I have a feeling that Ryan and Si An might be brothers. They gave a hint already on how much they look alike.

At first, I didn’t like Cindy working in the art gallery, but then when I thought about it, it’s actually a good thing since they have to act like they are dating in the office as well.
Also, I wonder how she is going to explain to him why she told everyone in the office that she is dating him.
But honestly speaking she didn’t need to announce it to the co-workers, she could have just made it look like a secret relationship and keep acting like they are in a relationship in front of Cindy, that would be more believable since no one else would announce that they are dating their own boss.


So Ryan knows the best friend has a family but assumes she’s dating Duk Mi on the side and likes pimping her out to other people as a fetish
He just keeps adding to the misunderstanding lol

What’s is your take on Episode 4 of Her Private Life?

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