“Her Private Life” Episode 6- Fans Recap

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Her Private Life Ep 6- Fans Recap Kiss Scene
Her Private Life Ep 6- Fans Recap Kiss Scene

Episode 6 was bit exciting as we saw where the story took the next step in making the leads closer.

Here is what fans over the internet had to say about season 6, please be aware that these recaps may contain SPOILERS!


YES OMG, I absolutely loved how he ‘played’ with her after he found out that she was Si An’s fan, and secretly watched her all the while whilst smiling indulgently!!!

This drama is so so good and way better than what I had dared to hope for, and yes KJW is definitely such a versatile actor, he is totally rocking this rom-com role! And if KJW = Beautiful, drunk KJW = Angelic!

Looks like I will soon be changing my dp to KJW as Ryan Gold HAHAHA.


TVN is honestly killing me these days, they’re basically forcing me to watch all of their dramas! I’m not complaining about this recent trend of ‘super sweet couples’ though. I just might not live to watch their next one if they keep this up


I really can’t wait for the next episode. Behind the scene shows that they didn’t really kiss on the lips. So I was wondering why did he suddenly fake a kiss? Some say Sindy is following him so maybe he saw her before doing that. Arghh! I really hate waiting, but this drama got me hooked so I want to watch it all right now.

Lulu Ang

Each episode is just getting better and better! First, the bathroom scene, then the drunk scene and finally the KISS! There’s so much tension and the chemistry between PMY and KJW, not that I’m complaining!

Uri Deok Mi has finally found someone who loves and accepts her two persona since most people around her except Seon Joo is not very welcoming of the idea. And to think that Ryan finds her fangirling mode so attractive! Makes me wish that real guys would do the same and not deny their girl for the love of spazzing and just support them.

Seems like Seon Joo’s gonna be the “Shi-an Is My Life” for the alba-saeng except that he already knows SJ personally. 😀


Even though it would be rather early -at least for k-drama standards- for them to start dating for real, I think in this case, it would make perfect sense. Like everyone here says, they have overwhelming chemistry, and a lot of sexually charged scenes together. At this point, it would just be natural for two grown adults to take the next step into a real romantic relationship.
The fact alone, that even a face to face meeting with her idol, in an elevator, couldn’t completely cheer her up, after being scolded by Ryan, shows how strong her feelings for him already are.

I also love it, that The Lion almost immediately decided to apologize to his lovely Fangirl. It takes a strong character to do that, since a lot of people mistakenly think, that it somehow hurts their pride, if they apologize, even when they know, that they are in the wrong.


Can Kim Jae Wook stop looking like a Greek god? I get so distracted every time he comes on screen


Her Private Life Kiss.png
Her Private Life Kiss


That moment when you ship Park Min Young with every Male lead she works with from

Ji Chang Wook to Park Seo Joon and Now to Kim Jae Wook!!!! I swear the chemistry is on

fire!!!!! Goooooosh she is so Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!


Idk what it is but I feel like they have no chemistry. I like them as individuals and love

their acting in previous dramas.



RomComs aren’t usually my cup of tea actually, but I really enjoy this one so far. I started it only for KJW since I’ve been waiting for years for him to get the main role, and I enjoy seeing him so much here! I like the fact that he is so understanding and not the usual jerk-main lead. The problem at the beginning was understandable because of the circumstances, but after that I really like how he talks and tell her about himself.

I also love how they portray the imagination of Duk Mi (so funny and creative!) and the drama doesn’t fear to support LGBTQ! It makes me so happy to see how Korea is changing little by little. 
I ended up starting it when it’s still airing so all I have to do now is praying that it continues like that.

*These recaps were taken from Mydramalist and Kissasisan.


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