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Her Private life Ep 5 Fans Recap

This is a fan Review

Her Private Life Review. Her Private Life would have become my favorite rom-com drama… if it ended on episode 14. Although I truly enjoyed (almost) every moment of it, it kind of lost its spark at the end and it became boring. 

There are so many things that I loved here, but what made the drama that enjoying were definitely our main leads Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold. Not only their characters were perfect for each other, but Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook’s chemistry was the best. It was so natural that somewhere towards the end, it felt as if they weren’t even acting anymore. I love how mature their relationship was which can’t be seen very often in other rom-coms… unfortunately. The thing I loved the most about their relationship was how honest they were with each other – they cleared all misunderstanding just by talking, no pointless drama here. I loved the fact that Deok Mi was so considerate of Ryan and that was since the very beginning. And of course, Ryan was the same. Everything about their relationship was perfect and kudos to the writer for writing such a beautiful love story! 

I was happy to see that fangirling was shown as a completely normal thing here. Deok Mi and Seon Joo are both in their 30s, but they are fangirls. Why not? There is nothing strange about it and I’m glad that the writer chose to show a different side of fangirling. As I fangirl myself, I’m very thankful for this. Seon Joo and Deok Mi were friendship goals honestly. Seon Joo is my favorite character here and I loved their relationship with her husband. And their child was sooo cute! 

I think Eun Gi and Hye Na were pretty pointless here, especially Hye Na. At first, she seemed to be the antagonist, but then she became just a random character who had some funny scenes here and there. As for Eun Gi, he was sometimes annoying and his presence didn’t really affect the story. I guess the writer just needed a second lead, because what is a rom-com without a second lead? And Ryan’s friend was also annoying. I don’t even remember her name, I couldn’t get the point of her existence in the drama.

I didn’t like the last two episodes. They were very boring, although there were some sweet moments with the main leads. I couldn’t believe and I still can’t that we had to see the same trope again…, why? Everything was good enough, so why would you ruin it? Eh, anyway, I was satisfied with the ending nevertheless.

So overall, despite being slightly disappointed by the last two episodes, I do recommend Her Private Life to all of you. It is not your usual rom-com and I believe you’ll enjoy it. Oh, and while you are watching or after you finish it, don’t forget to check out the bts videos that tvN uploaded, they will make you love the drama even more!

Her Private Life Review

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