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Her Private Life ep 7 kiss
Her Private Life ep 7 kiss

Review of Her Private Life. The leads have fantastic spicy chemistry and depth develops as the episodes progress. There are some ignorant reviewers of this show who don’t understand Korean culture at all.

1) The entire point of this story is the fact that she is an Ajumma fangirl, she is supposed to be over 30, that’s part of the reason she hides her fangirling. That’s the plot, so a younger actress wouldn’t make sense as her age/job is the conflict. Also, I hate to break it to those who want younger actors, but Korean dramas air late night and so are usually made for adults 25 and older, teen and young adult dramas are usually summer, web, or weekend dramas. Korea puts too much academic pressure on students so there just isn’t a young viewer audience they cater to like in China, Chinese dramas have a lot more for your age range.

2) Korea typecasts on a whole other level so even though PMY is capable of darker or more complex roles as an experienced actress, she is seen as a bubbly rom-com actress and those are the roles she’ll be offered. For instance, the actress who plays PMY’s mom has played a similar mom character in countless dramas. If you want a cute rom-com that doesn’t take its self too seriously but has some character development similar to Secretary Kim, you’ll love this. Also, this is the first drama I’ve watched that has a very forward, positive dialogue about the LGBT community in spite of the conservative Korean audience, for that alone, I love it. You should watch this until episode 4 at least before giving it up as I feel that the first 2 episodes don’t really show how great the characters and story are, but by episode 5 you will be hooked.

Fan Review from Viki Her Private Life

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