Hotel del Luna Episode 1 Recap

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Hotel del Luna Episode 1 Recap
Hotel del Luna Episode 1 Recap


Hotel del Luna Episode 1 Recap

Hotel del Luna Episode 1 Recap. Since it’s initial release, Hotel del Luna has received positive feedback from fans, both for its unique storyline and its selected cast. Having watched the first episode, I can definitely say the concept is certainly different which makes the drama worthwhile and I can also say IU and Yeo Jin-gu acting has started off great. We got a glimpse of each of the characters and their significant roles. 

 In this recap, I’ll be highlighting the main points of Episode 1.

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The Owner of Hotel del Luna


The drama is centered around Hotel del Luna, a grand hotel which serves a selected clientele of spirits and ghosts. The owner, however, is an unconventional spirit named Jang Man-wol (played by IU).

Man-wol has been living for 1000 years as a punishment for crimes she has committed. At the start of this episode, we saw a glimpse of her past, whereby she was in search of a guest house that was known to console the souls of the dead. Guest House of the Moon was a place for the dead that wondered in this life.

She had carried the guilt of dozens of person she had killed and persons that had died because of her. Man-wol wanted to take the responsibility of putting their souls to rest.

The woman she had met on her journey informed her that only the dead can enter Guest House of the Moon. Man-wol was, however, willing to kill herself to gain access. She later realized that she was already brought to the House by her own will. It was then she later received the punishment of becoming an evil spirit and was fated to run this particular guest house for the rest of her life.

In this episode, we also got a brief introduction of employees at the hotel:


Jung Dong-hwan as Manager Noh

He has been running the hotel for 30 years.

Shin Jung-geun as Kim Seon-bi

The longest employee of the hotel and the Sky Bar bartender.

Bae Hae-sun as Choi Seo-hee

A cleaning lady with an extrovert personality.

Pyo Ji-hoon as Ji Hyun-joongThe hotel frontman. He is nice and polite but does not like his job.


The Story Behind Man-Wol and Chan Sung 



As a young boy, Chan Sung lived with his father who was a thief. One day, his father was hunted down by the police after stealing. On the run, he fell down a case of stairs which caused him to hit his head and brought him close to death
In a subconscious state, his spirit wondered around believing it was still on the run from the police. It was when he came upon a huge and mysterious hotel to which he entered.

After running into Man-Wol at Hotel del Luna, his life was put on the line and he was later given an ultimatum. He had the choice of being killed by Man-wol or returning to his son Chan Sung. The trick behind this ultimatum was that after 20 years his son would be the possession of Man-wol. Fearful for his son living without him, Chan Sung’s father agreed to the terms that were given to him.


The reason behind Man-Wol asking for Chun Sang was because she believes there may something special about him, seeing that the futile tree bore a flower for him. 

Twenty Years Later


Twenty years down the line, we meet a handsome grown-up Chan Sung who is overly qualified in the hotel business and who still remembers the arrangement his father made to hand him over to Man-Wol.
Every year on his birthday, to remind him of his outlined future, Man-Wol would send flowers to Chan Sang.
Aware of this, Chan Sung has tried everything including traveling to different countries, to counteract what he feared most from happening.


After the twenty-year mark had passed he realized that nothing had happened and was ready to live his life comfortably, it was then Man-Wol showed up and gave him a rude awakening. By opeing up his eyes to the supernatural world, Chan Sung was now able to see ghosts which greatly terrified him.

What to Expect From Man-Wol and Chan Sung


In the final scene of this episode, after Man-wol was stabbed she gave Chan Sung the choice of leaving and never returning. However, being the sweet and kind-hearted person he is, he decided to help her. This decision he made will set the untold future for him and Man-Wol.

Man Wol who appears to be quite cold-hearted will eventually begin to loosen up after spending time with someone who’s her complete opposite.
In the preview for the episode, it appears Man-Wol will succeed at persuading Cha-sung to work at Hotel del Luna.

So my final words are- I am excited to see how this unusual story will play out along with two of the best actors on screen. The first episode was well received, the cinematography and editing is done really well and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow’s episode.

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