Hotel Del Luna Episode 10 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 10 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 10 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 10 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 10 Recap. This episode took a step further in the development of Chan-sung’s and Man-wol’s relationship. As these two try to sort out their feelings, there are factors around them that somewhat influence and pull them closer together.

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Chan-Sung Goes On a Date And Man-wol Worries

This episode continued with Chan-sung professing his feelings to Man-wol and reassuring her that he has no plans to leave anytime soon. He believes it is his duty to protect her since he’s able to see her deepest fears. Man-wol, however, stayed in character and acted tough in hopes he would run away from the dangers of her messy life.

Also in this episode, the Chairman that is a guest at Hotel Del Luna begs Chan-sung to fulfill his last wish by considering his granddaughter as a future partner. Man-wol aware of this request took advantage of the situation by requesting funds from the Chairman to grant his wish. However, she later found out that even though the profit would be great, her heart could not withstand hearing and seeing Chan-sung with another woman.

Being the sweet and kind-hearted person he was, Chan-sung gladly entertained the young lady but it was mostly to discuss the painting of Baekdu that was given to him. It was further revealed in this episode that he had declined the Chairman’s wish, as his heart belonged to someone else.

SIDENOTE: I believe the reason Man-wol is so drawn to Chan-sung is because he is so pure and kind-hearted, qualities she believes she lacks.

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Sanchez Shares Painful Past

In the previous episode, a serial killing case had occurred and it was revealed that the killer was actually Ji-won, an acquaintance of Sanchez and Chan-sung. This episode continued with the police trying to find the culprit but continued to be outsmarted by him.

In a flashback, the reason for Sanchez’s dislike towards Ji Won was revealed. Back in college, a young lady had committed suicide and Ji-won spread a grave rumor that Sanchez was responsible for what had happened. After Sanchez confronted him about the lies he was spreading, Ji-won later bullied Sanchez into killing himself. Thankfully, Sanchez had a friend such as Chan-sung who helped him to overcome a sad period in his life.

Based on what was unveiled in the previous episode, Ji-won seems to be looking for Chan-sung, his next possible victim.

Ma-Go Plays Cupid With Mi Ra and Yeon Woo

In this episode, we saw where the ‘Happy Ma-Go’ has brought another person of Man-wol’s past into the picture; her best friend Yeon Woo.

She enabled the meeting of Mi Ra and Yeon Woo, as in their previous lives, these two were incompatible. Based on the flashback that we saw from Man-wol’s past it was Princess Song that had ordered the killing of the past Yeon Woo.

The ‘Happy Ma-Go’ saw this as fun as she loves when enemies of the past life meet and fall in love. According to her, Mi Ra and Yeon Woo have lots of feelings that are leftover from the past life, hence their instant attraction to each other.

Chan-Sung Meets His Dead Mother+ Man-wol Meets the Reincarnation fo Yeon Woo

Since the start of the drama, much has not been revealed about Chan-sung’s mother, however, in this episode, we finally got to understand the nature of their relationship.


After hearing about a rumor of a ghost that was in a library, he visited hoping to offer some help. This ghost had a deep secret that she held in a book and after she died that book was sent to the library.

When Chan-sung offered to open the book, in an effort to help the ghost, he was troubled when he saw that this ghost had a picture of him as a child. It was then he realized that this woman may be his mother.

Chan-sung was left saddened as this was the first time he was meeting his mom. He was even more saddened that even after dying his ghostly mom tried to keep him as a secret, which showed him that she never wanted him to be born.

After hearing about this Man-wol tried to console Chan-sung but did know how to, she even offered to punish his ghostly mother. However, Chan-sung heart would not allow that. In the end, he was given the task of sending her off to the afterlife.

Man-wol Meets Yeon Woo:

Meanwhile back at Sanchez’s restaurant, Chan-sung meets Young Soo the reincarnation of Man-wol’s best friend Yeon Woo and is left speechless. Even after facing the sad situation with his mom, his only thought was to run to Man-wol and inform her.

After seeing the reincarnation of Yeon Woo, Man-wol was left in tears. She wanted to reconvene with him but was reminded that the person she was actually looking at was not Yeon Woo but his reincarnation.

When Young Soo saw Man-wol, he stared strangely at her as if he had known her for a long time, however soon after he was brought back to reality.

Chan-Sung Reinstated+ Man-wol Begs Chan-Sung to Stay By His Side

For the first time, Man-wol has openly expressed her true feelings to Chan-sung. She firstly lets him that know that she has allowed him to come back and that she had the choice of making him take the medicine so that he could never return. She, however, did not do that because she needed him by her side.

She openly reveals her plan to use him. It is through Chan-sung that Yeon Woo and Mi Ra reincarnation have appeared, she believes that the person who scarred her the most will also appear soon. She plans to make his life a miserable one whenever he passes by.

In the process, she warns Chan-sung that he may get used and abused by her vicious plan. She later begs him to stay by her side even if she one day goes insane or vanish away.
Chan-sung who saw her pain reassured her that he won’t allow her to vanish away and closely-held her in his arms.

This scene was very touching to watch, as this is the first time Man-wol has dropped her protective mean act and has poured her heart out.
The coming episodes will be epic, I look forward to seeing the development of the Man-wol and Chan-sung’s relationship and the actions they will tackle the problems that lie ahead.

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