Hotel Del Luna Episode 11 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 11 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 11 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 11 Recap


Hotel Del Luna Episode 11 Recap. This episode was rather beautiful, even though it gave me mixed feelings. I was happy to see that Chan-sung and Man-wol throughout their bickering were still happy but as the episode went on I became sad and anxious because of what unfolded towards the ending.

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Special Call Requests At Hotel Del Luna

This episode picked up with Chan-sung and Man-wol on good terms, she had sent him a gift of a tiger print suit. He, however, was hesitant to wear it as it was not his style, Chan-sung was more concerned about where she got the funds to buy such an expensive suit. Man-wol who had bought a matching scarf was hoping the two would be dressed in pairing outfits.
I must say I cannot get tired of their bickering, it actually makes the horror aspect of the drama very light and brings forward their perfect chemistry.

Furthermore, in this episode, we see where the guests at Hotel del Luna decided to take advantage of the special service that was offered to the chairman in the last episode. Word got around that it was being offered, and even though it was only for persons who were willing to pay a lot of money, Chan-sung decided that all guests should be treated fairly and opened up the service for all.

Man-wol, of course, hated his decision as it meant she would not be getting the big bucks anymore, she however later went along with Chan-sung’s decision.

While some of the guests used the special service to call their loved ones, others used it to call their favorite boy band groups(BTS) LOL!

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The Employees Become Anxious+ The Significance of the Fireflies

Throughout this episode, the staff at Hotel Del Luna grew worried when they saw that the tree in the garden was now blooming. This made them sad as the blooming of the tree means that their time to go to the afterlife is close.
While they are somewhat content that Man-wol’s punishment will be no more, they still have unfinished business on earth which makes them sad to leave.

Additionally, since the start of the series, we have noticed that there have been fireflies in the garden and around Hotel Del Luna. In the last episode, Chan-Sung had seen a firefly that had the outline of a human spirit. He began questioning the meaning of what he saw in this episode.

Based on my theory, the firefly may be the captain from Man-wol’s past life. Also in this episode, Chan-sung had a dream of the captain and it appeared that he was waiting for Man-wol, which indicates he did love her. This then brings us to question the extent of his love and if he truly betrayed and her people.

It appears he has been watching over Man-wol since the start of her punishment. I believe his reincarnation will soon appear as Man-wol had said in the previous episodes. The resentment she has for him is relentless but I am hoping her mind will be at ease when she finds out the truth.

A Lunar Eclipse + Hotel Del Luna Opens Its Doors To Humans

With the lunar eclipse appearing after 39 years, we were able to meet one of the past general managers that worked at Hotel del Luna. After requesting to meet Man-wol, this past the manager asked if Man-wol would allow her daughter and son in law to spend their honey on the night of the lunar eclipse at the hotel. Man-wol at first was hesitant but with a gift, her mind was changed immediately.


So, the story behind Hotel Del Luna and allowing humans stay at the hotel first happened in the 80’s when a couple was out past curfew hours and didn’t have anywhere to go and that was when the hotel allowed them to stay in ROOM 404. 

The guests that stayed in this room on that night brought forth a son who grew up to become a famous footballer. Hence the past General Manager made this special request so that her daughter and the footballer may have the same luck.

This was a great time for everyone at Hotel Del Luna, being able to treat such special guests. Everyone hoped that the baby would become someone outstanding like the father.

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Sanchez Cries

This was a very sad moment in this episode. Sanchez suffered a tragic fate, after planning to propose to the woman he loves, she ended up dying in an accident.
Based on what we’ve learned about Sanchez’s past, he was a victim of bullying and now he loses someone who means the world to him.

What makes this so painful for him is that she was killed on the same night he had planned to spend the rest of his life with her.

After hearing the news, Chan-sung ran to Sanchez who was preparing to go see Veronica. However, sadly Chan-sung had to break the news to him that she was dead after seeing her ghost. He also had to tell Sanchez about the actual details of his job, so that he could spend the last few moments with Veronica.

Chan-sung who was hurting to see the pain of his friend was also quickly reminded of that the pain he will feel when Man-wol dies.

Chan-Sung One on One With the Killer and Man-wol Threatened by The Deity

Towards the ending of his episode, Chan-sung was brought to the killer with the help of Yoo Na. To his surprise, the serial killer was an acquaintance of his.

Man-wol who was waiting on Chan-sung at his home began to sense that something was wrong and that he was in danger. However, as she was ready to go him, the dreaded Ma-Go appeared in front of her.

The dreaded Ma-Go is aware that Chan-sung is Man-wol’s biggest weakness and used this to trap her. Even though Man-wol has been paying for her punishment for over 1000 years, this particular deity believes her punishment should not be over as yet. Hence she threatens her by using Chan-sung in the process.

To be honest, I really do not see why her punishment is so severe and why the deities are angry at her. Based on what was shown in the flashback, Man-wol was hurt and betrayed by someone she loved and in the process, she lost many persons she cared about. Which means she was also a victim.

It appears they do not want her to have a smooth path to the afterlife, hence she is being tested to determine if she has learned her lessons over the centuries.

I cannot wait to see how the next episode will unfold.

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