Hotel Del Luna Episode 12 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 12 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 12 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 12 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 12 Recap. This episode revealed to us how afraid Man-wol is becoming as the tree in the garden begins to wilt, not only is she afraid and saddened that she will have to leave Chan-sung behind but she is worried that he may get hurt in the process.

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As Man-wol Worries, The Tree Wilts+ Ji Won the Serial Killer Gets More Dangerous

This episode started off with Chan-sung confronting Ji Won about the murders he has committed. This later led to the two going back and forth through a series of punches. Thankfully Detective Park came in time to arrest the culprit even after he tried to harm himself.

After hearing that someone had died, the staff at Hotel Del Luna thought that Chan-sung was killed in the process, this made Man-wol frightened and vulnerable, after hearing that her love had died. Thankfully it was just a false alarm.

It was since that moment the tree in the garden began to wilt, as the more scared she gets, the weaker she becomes which in the process shortens her life span. This then explains that once the flowers have fallen completely that’s when Man-wol will be sent to the afterlife.

Chan-sung who was reminded more than once in this episode that she will eventually die becomes scared at the thought.


Ji Won Becomes A Vengeful Spirit

Further on in the episode, Ji Won did eventually committed suicide and his ghost had risen as a vengeful spirit. As a result of the hatred his death was fueled by, he somewhat became more powerful as a ghost, even to the point where Man-wol could not harm him. Man-wol aware of this, struck a deal with the grim reaper to take him down but in return, she had to take the life of a young boy who was destined to die long ago but was kept alive by his parents who have been buying his lifeline from others.


The Good Ma-Go had revealed that Man-wol is still unaware of the price Chan-sung will end up paying for being in her life. Man-wol who knows that something bad is ought to happen begs Chan-Sung to stay by his side.

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Man-wol and Chan-sung Grows Closer Despite What Lies Ahead

While facing the fact that the deities may end up using Chan-sung, Man-wol is not taking any chances, hence she invites him to stay at the hotel. While together these two are becoming closer in expressing their love, not only are they flirting but they have begun to have serious talks.

Man-wol is scared that Chan-sung will be left in a state of sorrow when she dies hence she tells him that she doesn’t want him to become like Sanchez who has lost Veronica. Chan-sung was left offended by her lack of consideration. In the final scene of this episode, Man-wol confessed that the more afraid she becomes the more the flowers are falling from the tree. Chan-sung however comforts and reassures her that she doesn’t need to worry as he will shoulder the responsibility of loving her.

The two later had their ‘first’ passionate kiss. I am well aware that this is their second time kissing, but this time the kiss was so sensual and filled with both love and sadness. And again I must say, the acting is superb which makes these emotional scenes heartbreaking for the viewers.

We are now at episode 12, which means we have 4 more episodes to go. So far it’s difficult to predict or say how the ending will be but I am hoping that the deities will have mercy on Man-wol and somehow gives her a second choice since she has been punished for such a long time.

I am also looking forward to seeing the reincarnation of the captain in the upcoming episodes.

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