Hotel Del Luna Episode 13 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 13 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 13 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 13 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 13 Recap. This episode revealed a lot about Seo Hee’s hurtful past and the reason for her resentment, we were also able to see the remainder of Man-wol’s past and what transpired between her and the captain.

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Choi Seo Hee Gets A Chance To Avenge Her Wrongful Past

In this episode, Seo Hee the room manager at Hotel Del Luna was met with a surprise when the last offspring of her family had entered the hotel as a guest. The long-time grudge she had carried for a family that abandoned and killed her was soon to be paid for. However, she was later met with the realization that the last male of the family had an unborn baby.

We were able to see the hurtful parts of her past. Based on the flashback the hate and resentment she held for the family that wronged her were now understood. After having her first child in her old age, her newborn baby was taken away as the elders in her village said that the baby would carry about bad luck. Her child was ripped out of her arms and left to die which resulted in her going crazy. To make matters worse she was later slain by her husband. Hence that was why she cursed the family that one day their family line will end.

Further, in this episode, she found out that what she had waited for centuries was ruined as the guest that came to the hotel left behind an unborn child. She had the opportunity to hurt this unborn child but because of her heart, she wasn’t able to do so.

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The Vengeful Ghost Targets Chan-sung’s Loved Ones

Ji Won, the vengeful ghost has continued to be a nuisance in Chan-sung’s life. To hurt Chan-sung he has tried to target his close friends and people he cares about.
The grim reaper has also reported to Man-wol that catching this ghost has been challenging, as it hides in dark places waiting to attack at any minute.

Being aware of this, Man-wol has decided to warn and protect people around Chan-sung, she was, however, hesitant to protect Mi Ra because of her resentment towards her.

She, however, got a change of heart and decided to tell Chan-sung that Mi Ra may be in danger. It was then she later found out that Mi Ra was dating the detective which as the reincarnation of her best friend, Yeon Woo.

This pained her heart as she doesn’t see their reincarnation but people she knew a thousand years ago.

Man-wol Opens Up About Her Past+ The Captain Returns

After seeing Mi Ra and Detective Park together, Man-wol was left in a state of anger and sadness, which brought up memories from her past. By telling Chan-sung the reason for her punishment, we were able to see what transpired between her and the captain.

Based on what the writers have revealed so far, the firefly that has been following Man-wol since her punishment is actually the captain, that has been watching over her. We learned further in this episode, the extent of his love. It appears he struck a deal with the Princess for Man-wol to live, but in return, her loved ones had to die. Man-wol, however, doesn’t seem to know the full story, all she knows is that he betrayed her.

The Mysterious Firefly

This episode got more interesting towards the end. After a little boy came to the hotel searching for his dead mother, he ended up being lost and the hotel staff had to look for him. Chan-sung who thought the boy had gone to the passage that leads to the afterlife, went there looking for him and was later trapped in the tunnel. He was unaware of the dangers of a human going inside the tunnel, luckily the firefly was there to lead him back.

Man-wol who was worried and shaken at the thought of what might happen to him, rushed to the tunnel and saw Chan-sung. After embracing him she realized that there was something different about his presence. The spirit of the firefly seemed to have taken over Chan-sung’s body which means the captain is now in Chan-sung’s body.

Once again I must commend their production team for choosing the perfect soundtrack, it literally makes everything better. In those intense and overwhelming scenes, where each detail is very significant the OST is simply brilliant in bringing suspense and tension.

The preview shows that Chan-sung’s body will still be possessed by the captain. Man-wol plan was to hurt the captain when he returns, but since he has taken over Chan-sung’s body she won’t be able to harm him.

 The preview seems pretty good, at first it’s gonna be hard for Man-wol to welcome the captain but I hope she will learn of the sacrifice he had to make so that she could live.


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