Hotel Del Luna Episode 14 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 14 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 14 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 14 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 14 Recap. With just two episodes to go, episode 14 did a fantastic job in tying everything together that had been building up since the very first episode. Man-wol was able to come face-to-face with the person she had hated for centuries and Chan-sung as promised stood by her and reassured her when she swayed along the way.

While most things were cleared up in this episode, we still don’t know why the deities chose Chan-sung out of everyone else. I hope the writers will bring clarity to this particular point in the upcoming episodes.

Below are the highlights of episode 14.

Man-wol Suspects Chan-sung

After realizing that Chan-sung was possessed for a minute by Chung Myung, the captain, Man-wol was left skeptical for most of this episode. Based on the fact that Chan-sung had dreams of her past and through him, people from her past began to reappear, she started to second guess herself and her love for him.

The relic that Ma-go gave to her carries significant importance, as it’s an object that somewhat represents her hurtful past. Man-wol was frustrated throughout this episode as she needed to know if Chan-sung was the actual reincarnation of Chung-Myung.

She later became tormented with the idea of killing Chan-sung but later regretted it as she could be hurting the one she loved without knowing the full truth. Ma-go wanted Man-wol to trust her heart hence the reason why she made her believe that Chan-sung was the reincarnation of Chung-Myung.

In the end, she did actually trust her love for Chan-sung.

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The Vengeful Spirit is Caught

In a moment of weakness, we had seen where Man-wol gave up on Chan-sung for a brief second. By giving the hairpin to the vengeful spirit, she had hoped he would become stronger, which means killing Chan-sung for her. In the end, she would have perished.

At that moment it seemed as if she had given up on her love for Chan-sung.
With a team effort, ji won’s evil spirit was eventually caught.
In trying to prevent Man-wol from perishing, Chang-sung and the other staff members came up with a plan so that the grim reaper could catch Ji-won.

After being caught, Ji-won was brought to the hotel as a guest where he faced the anger from all the victims he had killed.

The scene where the staff members were walking in slow motion just before they save the day was iconic, if you have watched Goblin, then you’ll know what I mean.

The truth About Hyun Joong’s Past Is Revealed

Based on what has been unveiled so far about Hyun Joong’s past, he has been waiting for his younger sister to die before he goes to the afterlife.

In the previous episode, we had noticed that the man his sister was with at the hospital had the same name as him. At first, I was confused, but in this episode, it appears that Hyun Joong’s identity was apparently stolen by the man who is now the founder of the hospital. When confronted by Yoo Na, Hyun Joong became defensive. Hopefully, we’ll be able to learn more about his past next week.

Also, Hyun Joong finally told Yoo Na that he may have to leave soon and that he is awaiting the death of his younger sister. The two have grown close over the last episodes, and Yoo Na will be saddened by the absence of Hyun Joong.

Chan-sung Reassures Man-wol + Man-wol Gets the Full Truth and Forgives Chung-Myung

Worried about what Man-wol is facing, Chan-sung put his life on the life by telling her to kill him if she believes he is really Chung-Myung. He had promised in the previous episodes that he would take responsibility for loving her and in this moment when she was at her weakest he reassured her that he was willing to prove his love.


While this helped for a while, he realized that Man-wol needed to come to terms with her past and see the truth for herself, with the hope that she may have peace of mind. Hence Mi Ra and the detective were sent an invitation to visit the hotel. So, the plan was to give them a drink that contained the petals of the tree in the garden. It was only then Man-wol would be able to see her past through their eyes.   

Through the eyes of her best friend/brother, she was able to see what transpired between him and Chung Myung. Chung Myung was found out by the King of his associations with Man-wol and her people.
He was then given the ultimatum by the Princess to either be killed with his subordinates or allow the rebels to die instead.

In an attempt to save Man-wol and Yeon Woo, their people would have to be killed. However, Yeon-woo made the decision to be killed with his people and gave Man-wol the chance to live.

So in essence, it wasn’t really a betrayal, but Chung-Myung trying to save himself and his people while trying to save the woman he loved.

Before he drove Man-wol’s sword through his heart, he was prepared to face the consequences of her wrath. This flashback was certainly heartbreaking to watch.
As she was chained to the Moon Tree and being punished by the deities, he too, was bound by her hate which prevented him from going to the afterlife.

However after the truth was unveiled to her, she emptied the buildup of hate and resentment she had carried and told him to go.

Ma-go who knew Chung-Myung’s spirit wasn’t strong enough to go the afterlife, requested that Man-wol leads him.

Chan-sung was later left in a state of worry as he wasn’t certain if Man-wol would return.

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Chan-sung Worries

After a month had passed, Chan-sung still attends work in hopes that Man-wol would appear soon.
Also, now that the tree in the garden had become lifeless, the staff anxiously await their time to go to the afterlife and wonders who the new owner of Hotel del Luna would be.

Man-wol is shown walking on the bridge to the afterlife with Chung Myung, later said goodbye and refused his hand as he invited her to walk with him.

Chan-sung who is unsure if Man-wol will return is left with a broken heart and breaks down crying. While the tree in the garden has shed completely, there are still flowers placed within his heart by Ma-Go. This symbolizes the hope that Man-wol will soon return.

This, however, raises the question of whether or not Chan-sung must die before Man-wol can be sent to the afterlife seeing that the flowers have been placed in his heart.
Next week will be the finale of Hotel Del Luna, this incredibly great drama will come to an end, which makes me sad.

Like many other viewers, I cannot predict the ending. Will the deities reward Man-wol and allow her to live out her days with Chan-sung?

I hope so.

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