Hotel Del Luna Episode 15 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 15 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 15 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 15 Recap. With just one more episode to go, the writers have done a great job with episode 15 by tying up the storylines of the supporting casts. While I was expecting this episode to be sad and heart-wrenching it was however satisfying. The message throughout dealt with the importance of choice and how each character made choices that would either better themselves or the people they loved or cared about.

Chan-sung in this episode further proved his ability to sincere and selfless. While he knows that his heart will be sad in the long run, he still made a self-denying decision so that the one he loves could finally rest in peace.
Below are the highlights of episode 15. To see the recaps of episode 14 click here.

Chan-Sung’s Time Travel+ Man-wol Returns

This episode continued with Chan-sung in a state of sadness as he reminisces and misses Man-wol’s presence. Man-wol who had taken Chung Myung to the bridge of the afterlife isn’t aware of much time had passed since then.
Ms. Choi, who noticed that Chan-sung was in a constant state of worry, decided to introduce him to the medicine as instructed by Man-wol, if she ever noticed that Chan-sung reached a point of despair and sadness. From the previous episodes, we had learned that this remedy had the ability to prevent him from seeing ghosts.

Tempted to get rid of his constant worry, Chan-sung thought about it for a second and made the choice, to not give up on his love for Man-wol but to wait on her return.

Furthermore, to ease his mind, Ma-Go sent him on a mission to find petals of the moon tree to add to the special liquor she was making for the new owner of Hotel Del Luna.

Chan-sung, at first was hesitant to go but when he heard he might come in contact with Man-wol, that made him changed his mind. He was advised not to eat or drink anything, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to return to the present.

By going back in time to the early days of Hotel Del Luna he was able to spend time with Man-wol and assisted her with her ongoing gambling problems. To his surprise, her ways resemble the present Man-wol he has come to know.
He noticed that even then she had poor money management and decided to help her along the way. While spending time with her, each second he was reminded of how fortunate he was, to be in her presence.
At the end of his mission, he was phased with the option of staying with the Man-wol from the past and live out his days or go back to the present and wait for her to return.

Again he made the choice to fulfill his promise and wait for her as he trusted she would come back to him.

When he returned from his mission, he was greeted with the news that Man-wol had returned. Not being able to contain his joy, he ran to her and held her tight. Also hearing that she may have lost some her memories after traveling to the afterlife, he playfully quizzed her to see if she may have lost memories of him. She, however, reassured him that she remembers the same old Chan-sung who proudly hails from Harvard.

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Hyun Joong’s Sad Fate

The mysterious past of Hyun Joong was brought to light in this episode. While the previous episodes gave us bits of details about the man who supposedly stole his identity, we were able to gain much clarity of what had transpired in episode 15. 

The elderly man who is the owner of the hospital and who also strangely has the same name as him was Hyun Joong’s best friend in his past life. After Hyun Joong’s family was killed and his home was destroyed, he was only able to save the life of his younger sister who was left blinded.

Tae Seok, his friend, who was a soldier running away from the war, saw Hyun Joong and his wounded sister in the woods. Being the kind-hearted person he was, Hyun Joong invited his friend Tae Seok to come with them to Busan to his uncle’s house. However, to disguise himself, Tae Seok ended robbing Hyun Joong of his uniform and stole the food and medicine he had for his sister. 

Hyun Joong who knew his sister would not survive without her medicine tried to take it from Tae Seok, who ended up shooting him in the chest.


His last words to Tae Seok was to take his sister with him so that she may live. His younger sister, since that day, has believed that the person who saved and brought her to Busan was her brother Hyun Joong.  

From that day onward, Tae Seok has lived a life of regret and has tried to repay Hyun Joong by taking care of his younger sister.

Hyun Joong has been angered for years that his friend who betrayed him got to live the life he wanted to live with his sister. But in the end, though it was very difficult he made the choice to forgive Tae Seok.  

Forgiving someone who has robbed you of your livelihood is not an easy task, but to grow and acquire a peace of mind, you have the ability to choose which road to take. 

The Staff Captures the Moment with A Photo +Hyun Joong’s Graduation Ceremony

The employees of Hotel Del Luna are aware that their time to leave hotel del Luna is near and are trying to cherish their final moments. Man-wol in the past centuries has never taken a photo of her staff but this time around she decided to make a change by taking photos of herself and her employees. 

This shows how much she has grown over the past episodes and how much her values have changed. 

She has somewhat grown to become selfless and appreciative. Meeting Chan-sung has positively impacted her in more than one way. Also, after settling her long-held grudge, she appears to be less troubled. 

Furthermore, the staff who knows that Hyun Joong will leave to the afterlife soon decided to send him off with a blast. Hyun Joong who loved being a student didn’t get the chance to graduate, so a graduation ceremony was held for him. Everyone at the hotel came to support him including all the ghosts whom he had befriended. After the ceremony, they all went to Sanchez’s restaurant to eat and drink.

Sanchez who still has not gotten used to the idea of ghosts is left a bit freaked out, however, Chan-sung reassures him that ghosts were once people hence he should not be scared.

I was amazed when he said this, as at first Chan-Sung was utterly afraid at the thought of a ghost. Looking back to the first couple of episodes, I must commend him for overcoming his fear of ghosts.

Chan-sung’s Bold and Self-less Choice

After understanding that Hotel Del Luna will soon get a new owner and that her love, Hyun Joong will be going to the afterlife, Mi Na got a hold of the liquor Ma Go had made and brought it to Man-wol, hoping to keep everything in place.
Man-wol, after receiving the bottle of liquor was faced with the tough decision of drinking it and stay with her love while maintaining her ownership of the hotel; or to not drink it and finally take her rest after 1300 long years.
Bear in mind, that even phased with such a decision she would have stayed if Chan-sung asked her to.

Chan-sung who knew the turmoil she had to face for centuries simply could not tell her to drink the wine even though he would have her by his side.
Hence again he made the selfless choice to let go of something he wanted badly because he understood.

I must say the Hong sisters have done it again, but this time to a greater magnitude. While showcasing the storyline of the main leads, the writers have also covered the storylines in depth of the supporting casts.
In the next episode, we shall see the true occurrences of Mr.Kim’s past and what led to his tragic death. I am however hoping that the final episode will not be rushed in trying to conclude everything.
We are also yet to find out, why Chan-sung was chosen by the deities and whether or not he had a past life or if this is his first life.

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