Hotel Del Luna Episode 16 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 16 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 16 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 16 Recap

A Fulfilling and Satisfying Final Episode

Hotel Del Luna Episode 16 Recap. The final episode of Hotel del Luna was certainly satisfying and fulfilling.  The drama overall had the perfect blend of humor, drama, and romance. The plot is layered and contains depth, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge. Also, the casts brought the story to life with their charms and great acting. The OST is like the icing on top of the cake whereby it effortlessly set the mood of multiple scenes and brought the emotional scenes to life.

The Supporting Cast:

The supporting casts troubled stories were wrapped up nicely and they were able to get a happy ending.

The writers gave Mr Kim, Ms Choi and Hyun-joong the most peaceful ending and although seeing them leave was heartbreaking for Man-wol and Chan-sung, their beautiful growth was so inspiring. Mr. Kim whose image was tarnished in his past life was able to redeem himself so that the present and future generations will learn of his legacy.

Ms. Choi who had carried a grudge for centuries made the righteous choice in the end so that her mind may be at peace.

Although Hyun Joong’s ending was somewhat sad because he had to leave Yu Na behind, he did complete his mission and went to the afterlife with his little sister. Yu Na, though heartbroken mustered up the strength to send him off to the afterlife. She promised to live a good life so that he won’t have to worry.

To those who were left behind, the deities have planned their futures as well. They’ll live on their best lives and move on happily. Mi Ra and Seol won will be getting married, and even though they were enemies in their past life, the deities have destined their future together.

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Hope For Chan-sung And Man-wol

This episode beautifully expressed the heart-wrenching moments of the leads. Chang-sung and Man-wol’s love was the most heartbreaking to watch, especially when he watched her walk away from him into the afterlife. And yes, we now know why the deities chose Chang-sung to save Man-wol, as even in his their past life he saved her when she was close to dying. He is indeed Man-wol’s savior.

He also got his wish of spending winter with Man-wol by making the request to go back in the past. Man-wol who was worried that Chan-sung would have a hard time after she leaves gave him the medicine in hope that he wont allow himself to suffer. However, after she went to the afterlife, Chan-sung gave it to Yu-Na instead, while he still lived with all his precious memories of Man-wol.

The Ending:

Although the ending was a glimpse of Chan-sung’s imagination, it was gratifying. Everyone was happy in their own way. This imagination gave him the strength he needed to fulfill his life on earth, by carrying on his love for Man-wol.

As the deities had promised, there will be a day where they will meet again. It may be in the far future, but it is apart of the deities plan that they should meet again. And I am satisfied with just knowing that there’s hope.

The ending made the drama and the final episode even more worthwhile, seeing the new owner of Hotel Blue Moon gave us hope, and also signified that the stories these characters shared are not over as there is room for more.

Hotel Del Luna was certainly a great watch with the perfect blend of humor, drama and romance. It will definitely go down in history as one of the best.

Good job to everyone that contributed to the success of this drama.
Thank you to the Hong Sisters and the cast and crew of Del Luna.

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