Hotel del Luna Episode 2 Recap

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Hotel del Luna Episode 2 Recap
Hotel del Luna Episode 2 Recap
Hotel del Luna Episode 2 Recap

Hotel del Luna Episode 2 Recap. This episode continued with Man-wol working on persuading Chan-Sul to work at Hotel del Luna. Also, we see where the two learns more about each other and Mr. Noh says his goodbye.

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Chan-sung Curious About Who Man-wol Really Is


This episode picked up from yesterday with Chan Sung getting his chance of walking away revoked. Also, we saw where he witnessed Man-wol killing the man who stabbed her in the chest(who later turned out to be a dead wondering soul).
Unaware of what this man was at first, Chan-sung ran to him with the hope of helping him, however, in the midst, his shoe got caught in his ashes.

Terrified by what unfolded before him Chan-sung started to question who Man-wol really was and whether or not she is a vengeful spirit.

Man-wol sensitive towards this topic distracted Chan Sung with a ghost appearing behind him.
I am really enjoying Chan Sung’s being utterly terrified of ghosts, his interpretation of a regular person seeing a ghost is on point.

Also, the bickering between the two is quite amusing. Unlike the other persons, Chan-sung speaks to Man-wol casually and is unafraid of her.

Chan Sung Visits Hotel del Luna


To see the mysterious Hotel del Luna he has been hearing about from he was kid, Chan Sung paid a visit with the mindset that it was just a visit and he had to return to his ordinary life. However, Man-wol had bigger plans for him.
His first impression of the hotel was that it was average, keep in mind that he hadn’t seen what his father had come across when he first visited.

Upon entering he was called by his soon to be title,  Manager, throughout this episode we saw where he denies it at every instance. Chan-sung was able to meet some of the employees at the hotel such as the ghost Hyun-Joong and also the only human Mr.Noh.
Throughout their bickering, the two learned something about each other, Chan-wol likes to use metaphors to shows his understanding and Man-wol likes to different foods depending on her peculiar events.

Man-Wol Tries to Persuade Chan Sung


Man-wol has been hell-bent about working at a hotel filled with ghosts, primarily because he’s terrified of ghosts and the idea just appears absurd in his ordinary world. In his refusal, he even went to the extent of giving all of the savings to Man-wol with the hope of buying back his life. He was ever haunted with ghosts when he tried to leave.


He learned quite a few things while at the hotel, one of which was Man-wol was filthy rich and that she had lived for a very long time.

In an effort to persuade him, Man-wol brought Chan-sung on a mission of saving the lost soul of a tiger. This tiger was brought from North Korea by the Chairman of the hotel that recruited Chan-sung. After the tiger died, his soul has been wandering searching for solace and has also been haunting the Chairman. The two visited the Chairman with the intention that he could find a way to save the tiger.
I believe the current situation of the tiger is very simar that of Man-wol’s life. She has been living for over 1000 years in sadness and sorrow, hoping one day she may find peace, hence her determination to help the lost tiger.

Man-wol Sets Tiger Free/ Also, Mr.Noh Dies


The two finally found a way to set the tiger’s soul free, however, in the process, they had a misunderstanding which prompted Chan-sung to walk away upset.

Chan-sung was of the impression that Man-wol wanted him to extort money from the Chairman in return for setting the tiger free.
He later found out the reason behind Man-wol’s instructions.

In this episode, Mr.Noh who has been by Man-wol’s side for 30 years finally passed away. Man-wol who often shows little emotion was certainly saddened before his death. Every picture in her room signifies all the managers that somehow left her side in her lifetime and remains as a memory which means she relives the pain each time.


Before taking the limousine to the afterlife, Mr.Noh visited Chan-Sung with the hope that he could persuade him to take over his role as Manager at Hotel Del Luna.

Man-Wol Protects ChanSung And Something Big Is Revealed

Towards the end of this episode, Chan-sung had an encounter with a mysterious knight from the spiritual world that tried to kill him. Man-wol, however, swept in and saved him. Shocked by what had taken place, Chan-sung fainted. At this moment, Man-wol stared at him and had a sudden flashback.

In the flashback, she appeared to be having a conversation with someone she loved- my guess is that Chan-sung is the reincarnation of the man she loved. We have seen this particular story a lot in Korean dramas, hence it won’t be surprising if its also in this.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed this episode, the chemistry between both leads is starting to develop. Also, I find their bickering quite amusing. I can’t wait to see how the upcoming episodes will unfold.

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