Hotel Del Luna Episode 3 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 3 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 3 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 3 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 3 Recap. This episode delves further into Man-wol’s past and brought clarity to her and Chan-sung’s relationship. Also, upon accepting his job, we see where Chan-sung’s eyes have been open to numerous things.

A Glimpse of Man-wol’s Past



This episode started with Man-wol and her warriors raiding and stealing from a group of noble folks from the Yeonju Castle. Based on this scene, it seemed that Man-wol was once a skilled and experienced thief in the area. After the raid, one of the men followed her who later turned out to be a chief captain who will have a huge impact on Man-wol’s life. He later helped her when she got stuck in a sinkhole of sand and from the get-go the two seem to have liked each other.
Further on in this episode, while still asleep from the shock of being attacked by a knight, Chan-sung had a dream of Man-wol’s past. Chan-sung having dreams of Man-wol’s past lover could  mean he may be his reincarnation.  I’m yet to figure out the true nature of the old lady that had put the flower on his chest. She has been with Man-wol since she became the owner of the hotel. Is she a wandering lost soul? 
Also, Chan-sung who is curious about the dream asked Man-wol the reason for appearing in his dreams, unaware she joked around and said he was having naughty dreams of her.

Chan-sung Learns More About Hotel del Luna


After waking up, Man-wol gave Chan-sung a tour of the hotel. She explained to him that the hotel does exist in the real world however it is vague to most people because of it’s outer appearance.

She told him that humans have visited the hotel before however whenever they do, they end up in Room 404 and do not return to the outside world. He also saw the beautiful beach and had the same expression as his father did.
He was introduced to the staff members and found out about their life, how they died and how long they have worked at Hotel del Luna.
Throughout the episode, he tries to differentiate between the real world and the world that exist at Hotel del Luna.

Special Appearance of Lee Joon Gi


This episode reveals that Chan-sung was third in line to be selected as the Manager of the hotel. The first person was Park Il Do( played by Lee Joon Gi), an exorcist who dismisses evil spirits from people, he was given this gift by Man-wol, However, he got caught up with casting out evil spirits and rejected the offer. The second candidate also refused her offer after leaving for space.
It was good to see IU and Lee Joon Gi on screen together since their hit drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Man-wol and Chan-sung Becomes Closer


Although we’re just at episode 2, the leads are quite open whereby they share their true intentions. Man-wol is obviously sad that she isn’t able to be apart of the real world so she wants Chan-sung to live the best life so that she can live through him.
In this scene, she placed her hands on his chest to feel his heartbeat, something she has not felt in a long while. In this scene we see where Man-wol reveals to Chan-sung that she fancies him, this will definitely play on his mind and influence his decision making.
Further on, Chan-sung will decide to accept Man-wol’s offer of becoming the manger Hotel del Luna, with the demand that he wears what he wants.


Chan-sung First Real Assignment(A Case of Bullying)

Hotel del Luna isn’t only bringing a unique storyline and great acting to us, it’s highlighting the sad case of bullying that exists in every society. In this episode, a girl was bullied and killed, however, her lost soul ended up in the person’s body that killed her.
In an attempt to help that poor girl, Chan-sung and Man-wol gave her a chance at life by allowing her to live on in even though it was in the girl’s body that bullied her.

This episode also proves to us that although Man-wol is looked upon as being rude and ungracious, she actually has a good heart even though she loves money and often lives an extravagant life.

Man-wol Learns of Chan-sung’s Dream+ Chan-Sung Confesses His Feelings



Towards the end of this episode, Chan-sung finally fed his curiosity by finding the mysterious tree he had been hearing about. Under this tree, he questioned Man-wol of the man he saw in his dream and asked her if she is still waiting upon his return.

The flashback we saw from this episode cleared up the symbolism of the tree that Man-wol visits. This tree has been barren from the moment she was punished, I believe it represents her underlying  love that has exist for years.
 In episode 1, the tree bore its flower for Chan-sung’s birthday when his  father visited Hotel del Luna. This could mean that Chan-sung is the reincarnation of the man she has been longing for all her life. If this is so then the clock on her endless life may start ticking again.

Chan-sung is slowly falling for Man-wol, in this episode it’s evident where she’s always on his mind and the decisions he makes are influenced by her. To be honest, I didn’t expect things to be moving so fast so soon but nonetheless, I like it. 
The preview for the next episode will certainly be entertaining, I can’t wait for it.
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