Hotel Del Luna Episode 4 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 4 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 4 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 4 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 4 Recap. This episode reveals the steps Chan-sung is now taking in his role as Manager of Hotel del Luna and Man-wol is still left in a place of reflection as she considers her new fate.

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Man-wol Finds the Answer To Live

Episode 3 ended with Man-wol learning about Chan-sung’s knowledge of the intimate details of her past and Chan-sung admitting to the effect Man-wol has been having on him.

At the start of this episode, Man-wol was both shocked and unsettled that Chan-sung knows some of her deepest and closest moments. I must admit that Chan-sung has caught on quickly to the details of the dream he had and to gain further clarity we see where he asked Man-wol if his purpose is to help her figure out what she has been searching for.


The mysterious tree that acts as a symbol of Man-wol’s cold-broken heart is no longer infertile as it blossoms at the touch of Chan-sung’s fingers. This proves to Man-wol that there is something really special about Chan-sung since he has the ability to bring life to a tree that has been mostly barren for over 1000 years.
Chan-sung has throughout the episode been curious to find out the reasons for Man-wol’s punishment and the role he plays to bring her solace.

Additionally, Man-wol has also found out that once the tree begins to bloom the clock on her life will also start to tick again.

Further on in the episode, Ma-go , the flower lady, that sends souls to a good place after they die, has admitted to Chan-sung that she was the one who guided him to Man-wol’s life with the intention that he would save her from a sad fate.

Man-wol Becomes Uneasy about Chan-Sung Knowing About Her Past



With Chan-sung getting dreams of her past Man-wol has somewhat become paranoid and tense. Throughout the episode, we also see where she went into a state of withdrawal and drank away her sadness.
She is not only burdened by the memories of her past love but she has been trying to deal with Chan-sung seeing a side of her she wishes to remain hidden.

During their bickering, she tells him that he can now leave Hotel del Luna and never return. Chan-sung who is aware that she has become overly sensitive of him knowing of her personal details uses her own words to let her know that he’s not going anywhere.

Furthermore, we see where she tries to ‘sleep with him’ in order to find out what his dreams were really about. Chan-sung, however, believes that it is inappropriate every time she says it out loud. These scenes were quite hilarious to watch, the acting flows naturally as they both try to bring their characters to life.


Chan-Sung Takes Care of Ghosts


Man-wol knows that Chan-sung is fearful of ghosts hence to get him to resign from Hotel del Luna she puts him in charge for the day. However, instead of running away like he always did, Chan-sung eventually toughens up and even help the lost soul that was following him in episode 1.
He was able to help her and later found out that she was in a hit and run accident which resulted in her death.
In the process, he also discovered that some ghost’s memories at times become distorted as they wander about. This tip from Man-wol assisted him in saving the sad soul that was wandering.

One thing I must say about Chan-sung is that even though the thought of dealing with ghosts freaks him out when he tries to help them he does it wholeheartedly and I think this is a quality that Man-wol admires about him.

The Employees At Hotel del Luna Plot Against Chan-Sung


The Employees at Hotel del Luna are worried that they will be passed off to the afterlife as soon as Man-wol leaves. The current changes taking place at the hotel are all due to Chan-sung, hence they came up with a plan to send Chan-sung to room 13 where a haunting ghost is.
If Chan-sung looks at the ghost then he will go insane and cause him to leave hotel del Luna.
Man-wol who was apart of this plan worried about her decision to get rid of him, as she cared for him and he may be the answer that saves her in the long run.

Man-wol Saves Chan-sung In a Special Way


After reconsidering her evil plan to rid of Chan-sung from Hotel del Luna, Man-wol went and saved him from the frightful ghost.
To prevent Chan-sung’s eyes from meeting the ghost’s eyes she grabbed him and laid her lips upon his. This will certainly set the mood for next week’s episode and Man-wol will decide to keep Man-wol at Hotel del Luna.

As I have mentioned in the previous recap. things are definitely moving along quickly. I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week.

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