Hotel Del Luna Episode 5 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 5 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 5 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 5 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 5 Recap. This episode of Hotel Del Hotel unveiled how well Chan-Sung is adjusting to his job while growing close with Man-wol. We also saw a case of ghost marriage and the extent Chan-Sung was willing to go to save his dear friend’s life. Also, the shifts between horror, romance and humor continue to make this drama very entertaining.

Let’s get into the highlights of this episode, also you can check out the recaps for episode 4, here.

The After Effect of the Kiss

Last week’s episode ended with Man-Wol saving Chan-sung’s life by distracting him with a kiss. In this episode, we were able to see what unfolded as a result of this. The two didn’t really mention what occurred between them, however, we could definitely see changes in both their behaviors. Man-wol has been super jealous since the start of this episode and Chan-Sung continued to show his concern for her well being.
The strange spirit in the wardrobe at the start of this episode learned of Cha-sung’s name and began to chant it as he ran away at the command of Man-wol.

Chan-sung concerned that Man-wol might be in danger, ran back with the intention of saving her, even though he was scared to death. It was his turning back that caused the ghost to escape Hotel del Luna. However, it showed the sincerity of his feelings and how concerned he is for Man-wol.

After this happened, they started bickering in a way to downplay their fleeting emotions.
Based on what we’ve learned from episode 1, the two likes to banter and they do this as a way to hide their true affections. I also love those hilarious scenes of their bickering, it’s the highlight of the drama.

Furthermore, Man-wol later on in the episode decides to call off her mission to get rid of Chan-sung, even though it will not be favorable to her in the end. She seems to have accepted her sudden fate.

Man-Wol Cries


From what we’ve learned of Man-wol’s character she’s stern and does not easily cry, however when Chan-Sung mentioned that he had seen her bestfriend in his dream, this got her emotional. She became saddened at the sound of his name and later challenged Chan-Sung by asking if he thinks he can ever love her as he did. In the previous episode in a flashback, it appeared Yeon Woo was captured, it is possible he may have suffered a wrongful death, which gets her heartbroken and upset.

SIDE NOTE: I think this is the first time I’ve seen Man-Wol cried so hard. Even centuries after she feels the pain of losing a loved one.

Employees at Hotel del Luna Are Guilty


The workers at Hotel del Luna have been bothered by guilt as a result of them trying to get rid of Chan-sung. Getting rid of a human was hard for them to do but they did it anyway, hoping that the tree in the garden would stop blooming and they could have a longer life on earth and delay going to the afterlife.

The person they had designated to replace Chan-sung with was the spirit that was living in the body of the high school girl, Kim Yoo Na. Hyun Joong was sent to recruit her however he was told the plans had changed after.

SIDE NOTE: Hyun Joong and Yoo Na appeared to have liked each other, so this may lead to a second love story being formed. Well, at least that’s what I’m hoping for.


The Case of A Ghost Wedding


In this episode, we saw a case of a ghost wedding. A wandering spirit (Su-min) came to the hotel seeking help, as she was forced to marry a human before passing to the afterlife. At the start, we thought that it was her parents who had tied her soul to a red pocket with the hope that the human who finds it gets to marry her.
Man-Wol later learns of their request and decides to turn it into an opportunity for Hotel del Luna and requested funds to make a glamorous wedding and of course enjoyed the perks along the way.

Chan-Sung, since his employment at Hotel del Luna has always done his utmost best to ensure that the guests of the hotel are treated well and not harmed in the process. Hence to assist the wandering ghost who is forced to get married, he tries to find the red pocket not knowing that the first person who finds it, will be the one who marries the ghost.

Man-Wol Saves Chan-Sung Again


Man-Wol later learns that Chan-sung is trying to find the red pocket and intervenes and makes his friend, Sanchez, finds it instead.
Sanchez sadly was later tied to the soul of Su Min and was traumatized in the process. Chan-sung worried for his well-being, decides to fix things by visiting the flower lady so that he and his friend doesn’t get hurt in the process.
The wedding went ahead but it turned out the parents were actually being deceptive since the start. They were actually the parents of the man Su Min was to marry before her death, however, after her death, they didn’t want her clinging on to him anymore.

Su Min who later found that the man she loved would die if she married him, transforms her face into deceitful hideous monster, prompting him to run out and leave her standing at the altar. She later cuts the bind that was holding them together.

SIDE NOTE: Based on what I’ve observed since the start of this drama, Chan-sung’s purity has always led him to disapprove of Man-wol’s decisions and she always ends up saving him in the process.

Chan-Sung True Purpose Revealed+ His Past Girlfriend Shows Up


Towards the end of this episode, it was revealed that Ma Go, the flower lady has been grooming Chan-sung and preparing him for Man-Wol’s passing, which will be in the near future. Man-Wol will be the last customer he sends off. Man-wol who is aware of everything, tells Chan-sung not to be lonely when she is gone.

Also, a new addition to this story appeared at the end of this episode, a young woman appeared and asked Sanchez of Chan-sung’s whereabouts. This seems to be a past girlfriend of his.

The preview shows that Man-wol will not be welcoming to the idea of her return. Tomorrow’s episode is gonna be great, looking forward to recapping the continued growth of the characters.

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