Hotel Del Luna Episode 6 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 6 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 6 Recap. Welcome back to another recap of Hotel del Luna, in this episode Chan-sung and Man-wol’s relationship continue to grow and we see where Man-wol tries to deal with her overwhelming jealousy . To see the recaps of episode 5, please click here.

Man-Wol Gets Jealous

In this episode, the introduction of Chan-Sung’s girlfriend brought out Man-wol’s jealousy. After hearing from Sanchez that Chan-sung may have been meeting up with his girlfriend, Man-wol appeared in front of Sanchez instantly to find out more about her. Her concern was mostly focused on whether not she was pretty.
In this episode, we also see where Man-wol has become more open with her feelings, she constantly tried to spend time with Chan-sung by trying to get away to the west coast to eat webfoot octopus.

Seeing that her time to go to the afterlife is near, she’s trying to have a fulfilled life with someone she considers worthwhile.

Chan-Sung Tries To Help Man-Wol With Her Extravagance+ Evil Spirit on The Run


While carrying out his role at Hotel del Luna, Chan-sung has been learning a lot about ghosts and reincarnation. While having dinner with Man-wol he was warned that he should not to grow too close with the ghosts in case they become hostile and tries to hurt him. He also learned that if a person lives an unfavorable life, their bad deeds may pass down to their future generations causing their children to live a miserable life.

Hence to ensure that Man-wol does not get reincarnated as a pig or a dog he attempted to counsel her about her spending habits and tried to fix her bad debts that appeared to be growing by the day. Chan Sung had suggested she sell some of her cars as a way of to make money and cancel out her debts, however, she loves when her parking lot is packed with beautiful cars to choose from.

Meanwhile, the ghost that escaped from the hotel in the previous episode, is roaming the streets and appears to be tormenting men who are somewhat perverted, which got me wondering if she had died in a related manner.
Also, after learning that the dangerous ghost had escaped, the grim reaper warns the staff to find the ghost immediately to prevent future problems.

SIDE NOTE: Out of all the ghosts we have met so far, this one is by far the scariest. I am not a big fan of horror films hence I had to cover my eyes to get through these short and scary scenes.

A King Comes To Hotel Del Luna


In this episode, a king came to Hotel del Luna and everyone tried to catch up on their history to figure out who he was and when he had ruled, not knowing that he was actually an actor.


After finding out that he was an actor, they decided to help him and grant his wish of being on-screen one last time. At the film shoot, the ghost possessed the man chosen to fill in for him and executed his role beautifully.
Man-wol who always finds a way to get paid for her services decided that this was an opportunity she could use to increase her earnings. Hence she made the King’s dreams came true while getting paid.

Lee Mi Ra, Chan-Sung’s Ex-Girlfriend


Also in the episode, we got to learn more about Lee Mi Ra and Chan-Sung’s relationship. First of all, Mi Ra and Chan-Sung didn’t seem to have ended things on a good note as he kept on asking her for money she had borrowed and not payback. He also seemed quite annoyed by her visit.
Chan-sung seems to have cared about her but now has no interest to further their presently cold relationship.

It was also previously revealed that Mi Ra is the reincarnation of the noble lady that was introduced in Man-wol’s flashback. Ma Do, the flower lady, had noted that even centuries after both her and Chan-sung always seem to cross paths. Ma- Do hopes that he doesn’t hurt her as he did in the past.
So I’m guessing that centuries ago, Man-wol’s past love had chosen her over the princess we saw in the flashback.

Chan-sung Chooses Man-wol


While meeting with Mi Ra, Chan-sung saw that Man-wol’s favorite celebrity was passing by and ran out to meet him and got his autograph. He knew how much Man-wol had loved and admired Kim Joon Hyun hence he tried his utmost best to gift her something that would make her happy.

This showed whom he had prioritized at the moment and where his heart was.
After learning about Chan-sung’s meeting with Lee Mi Ra, Man-wol  however started to withdraw from him and canceled their plans to have webfoot octopus.

In the end, he ran to her and they both sat on the beach and watched the beautiful sunset.

While Man-wol appears to be harsh to others we continue to see where she crumbles in Chan-sung’s presence. I am not sure if they will have a happy ending, as the tree in the garden continues to blossom, which means Man-wol will have to leave soon. Let us see what the writers have in store for us. Comment below if you enjoyed episode 6.

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