Hotel Del Luna Episode 7 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 7 Recap. Hotel Del Luna continues to unveil an exciting story line while creating a balance between horror, romance, and comedy. This episode digs further into Man-wol’s past and we learned more about her fate.

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The Fourth Ma-Go Wishes To Make Man-Wol’s Ending Bad

In this episode, a new Ma- Go was introduced and when compared to the others we’ve been introduced to in the previous episodes, she appears to the most powerful. After acknowledging that Man-wol will soon die and go to the afterlife she makes it clear that she will not make the path easy for her.
She believes that Man-Wol’s past sins should not be forgiven as she will continue to hurt humans, hence it is her wish that she goes to the afterlife as an event spirit.

The Vengeful Spirit Becomes Non-Existent and Later Gets Justice

A lot was revealed in this episode, regarding the death of the evil spirit that had run away from Hotel del Luna. The particular group of men she targeted was responsible for her committing suicide. These men aided with the uploading and sharing of an improper video that featured her assault. This poor girl was left in agony after being wronged by a group of perverts. The main one that actually committed the assault later became a powerful CEO and was her last target.

Man-wol and Chan-Sung who later learned of her death tired to give her a peace of mind, however, the deities got to her first and later punished her for the many humans she harmed.
This saddened Chan-Sung’s heart, as he wanted to bring justice to a wronged soul. After the deities stepped in and dissipated the spirit, Chan-Sung and Man-wol tried to reach out to the CEO, however, upon meeting him, they realized how unbothered he was by the acts he had committed.

In the end, though, she did get justice as the CEO was later killed by the deities, for his inability to show remorse for his actions.

Hotel Del Luna has again brought another common occurrence that takes place in Korean society, with the illicit filming and sharing of sexual acts. The writers have brought reality to us by disguising it with a balance of horror and drama.

Hyun-Joong  Protects Yu-Na

Hyun-Joong continues to look out for Yu-Na. In this episode, she was attacked by the forth Ma-Go who thought she was an evil spirit that had taken over the body of a human. The Fourth Ma-Go was later informed by the grim reaper that Man-wol was the one that permitted the spirt to continue living in the human body.


Since then, the spirit inside Yu-Na had become weakened and other ghosts have been looking to take residence. Hyun-Joong realized what had taken place and came to the rescue of Yu-Na.

Hyun-Joong appears to be quite protective of Yu-Na and I think that in some ways he is reminded of his past life and his little sister. In this episode, it was revealed that his little sister had grown old and will be going to the afterlife soon.
This could possibly explain the reason for Hyun-Joong staying behind as he wanted to be around his little sister. There are however a lot of questions regarding Hyun-Joong’s past, as the elderly man that was with his sister had the same name as him.

Man-Wol Sees Mi Ra For the First Time And Bad Memories Came Flooding In

While getting reeady to go sailing, Chan-Sung made reference to Man-wol’s wedding dress that he saw in his dream. It was then she became self-conscious and revealed to him that she is a bad person that had committed grave acts in her lifetime.

Based on the flashbacks of Man-wol’s past, we can tell the depth of her love for the Captain. At the end of this episode, she finally saw that Mi Ra, who is Chan-Sung’s ex-girlfriend shares the same resemblance of the Princess in her flashback.

The moment she saw her, she was filled with rage, which leads to the assumption that the Princess and the Captain may have gotten married and betrayed Man-wol which caused her to commit the grave act of killing the Princess(or even both).
Well, that is just my assumption, but according to the flashback, the Captain and the Princess were both in wedding attire which means they had gotten married.
The flashback also featured Man-wol wearing a wedding gown and had blood on her hands.

The preview for the next episode will further unveil the uncertainties that are in this episode. It also appears that Chan-sung will be put on the spot to save Mi Ra from Man-wol’s wrath. Can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

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