Hotel Del Luna Episode 8 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 8 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 8 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 8 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 8 Recap. This episode was certainly moving, a lot was revealed about the extent of Man-wol’s hurtful past and her decision to leave Chan-Sung behind.  Below are the highlights of episode 8, also to see the recaps of episode 7 click here.

The Imaginary Ghost

The different ghost cases that are presented each week in this drama, are quite creative. In this episode, a household was haunted by an imaginary ghost. This ghost was created in the past through a diary, with the purpose of comforting someone with a lonely heart. However years after, this imaginary ghost had still lingered.

Upon hearing about this Chan-sung and Man-wol visited the home that the ghost was at and found that to get rid of the imaginary ghost, they must burn all belongings that linked back to the owner’s past.

Further, by using using the idea she obtained from dealing with this case, Man-wol later tried to trap Mi Ra in a state of eternal sadness and pain by distorting her happy childhood. 


Chan-sung Turns Down Offer To Work At Another Hotel

At the start of the drama, Chan-Sung had hated the idea of working at Hotel Del Luna. In this episode, his friend Sanchez told him about a big opportunity to work at another grand hotel, however, although the opportunity was a good one, he saw his role at Hotel Del Luna more befitting and needed. Hence he turned down Sanchez’s offer.

Sanchez, curious as to why he turned down such a noteworthy opportunity, jumped to the conclusion that he didn’t want to leave Man-wol behind.

In a sense, he believes that he must protect Man-wol and ensure that she lives the remainder of her life in the right way, so that she can safely go to the afterlife.

Man-Wol’s Hate Towards Mi Ra + Actions From Her Past Unveiled

At the start of this episode, Man-wol started to realize the reason for Chan-sung being sent to her as this was the deity’s way to reintroduce the source of her pain.

After seeing Mi Ra at the start of this episode, Man-wol has been tormented at the thought of her. Also, upon learning that Mi Ra was staying at Chan-sung’s house this made Man-wol really pissed. The thought of Mi Ra close to Chan-sung reminds her of the betrayal she experienced centries ago.


To fulfill the heavy grudge she has had for over 1000 years she tried to hurt Mi Ra by cursing her entire existence to feel sadness until the day she dies. It pained her heart that even in this lifetime Chan-sung tries to save and protect Mi Ra.

Further in this episode, the plot twist we witnessed was very disturbing, because all along we had thought the love between Man-Wol and Chung Myung, the captain was admirable.
However, towards the end of this episode, Chan-Sung saw in his dream what had transpired. Chung Myung had obtained the trust of Man-wol and in the end, he betrayed her by killing her people and the person she cherished the most. The reason for her actions became clear to us and if I must say is quite justified, however, the deities hold a different perspective. Hence their reason for punishing her for last thousand years.

Also, before, Chan-sung had his dream he thought that Man-wol was being overly irrational towards Mi Ra, however afterwards he was able to feel the pain she has felt for centuries.

Man-Wol Leaves Chan-Sung Behind

This episode ended with Chan-Sung dreaming about Man-wol’s hurtful past. After waking up, he was told by Sanchez that he was asleep for three days. Later realizing the intensity of his dream, he rushed to Hotel Del Luna to find Man-wol, however upon arriving he was met with the sad reality of an empty hotel.

Based on what was unveiled in this week’s episodes of Hotel Del Luna, we can definitely say the deities are testing Man-wol to see if even after a thousand years she is relentless towards her past actions.

There was no preview for next week’s episode, but I believe Chan-sung will try to find Man-wol as he must have a lot of questions regarding his dream.

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