Hotel Del Luna Episode 9 Recap

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Hotel Del Luna Episode 9 Recap
Hotel Del Luna Episode 9 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 9 Recap

Hotel Del Luna Episode 9 Recap. Chan-sung hurt by Man-wol’s disappearance tries to find her and is met with an unusual spirit at the new Hotel Del Luna.

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Man-Wol Relocates Hotel Del Luna

This episode continued with Chan-sung going to Hotel Del Luna and finding out that Man-wol had moved the hotel, leaving him behind. He was left in a state of worry while at the same time outraged that Man-wol left without a word.
While he was at the hotel looking for a possible chance to find her, she was keeping an eye on him through her binoculars. Chan-sung was hurt badly in the last episode as a result of him trying to protect Mi Ra from Man-wol’s curse. Man-wol has been saddened by the fact that he almost died because of her long-held grudge. Hence she begged Ma-Go to give Chan-sung the choice to stop seeing ghosts and everything concerning Hotel Del Luna. As we all know Chan-sung has already succumbed to Man-wol’s charms and he doesn’t want to see her dissipate, hence he was not able to give in to her wish, which was to move on with his life.

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Chan-Sung Finds The New Location of Hotel Del Luna and Meets A Strange Spirit

In trying to sell the previous Hotel Del Luna, Man-wol is met with many problems such as sorting out several taxes before she can do so. To her surprise the only person that could actually resolve this issue was Chan-sung but she refused to call upon him for help.
Meanwhile, Chan-sung is later met by a ghost that was the Chairman at the previous hotel he was employed. By inviting the Chairman to Hotel Del Luna, he was able to follow this ghost to the new location and was able to strike a deal and eventually sold the painting.

Man-wol who had missed having Chan-sung around was certainly in a sour mood which made her mean to her staff. Therefore, when Chan-sung finally arrived she was happy to see him but kept a strict demeanor and told him to get out.

The Spirit of the Well

Meantime, at the hotel, Chan-sung returned to work as if nothing h ad happened and invited a guest in. He, however, did not know that it was the Spirit of the Well, who was troubled and was searching for solace.
This guest was in a state of sorrow and also caused the hotel to flood greatly and later refused to leave the hotel.


Chan-sung realizing how bad ths situation is, offered to have a one on one with the Spirit of the Well, not knowing the danger he was putting himself in. According to Man-wol, Chan-sung could be used as a potential sacrifice to fill the spirit’s sorrow. Hence she worried greatly when he went to talk to the spirit.

To Chan-sung’s surprise, this spirit was not vengeful but simply afraid of being abandoned since his well had dried up. Therefore, before the people he had served for decades could abandon him, he left so that they could miss him.

He was able to relay his misfortune and begged Chan-sung for assistance. Ashamed that Chan-sung was seeing a very sensitive part of his spirit, he caused Chan-sung to reflect on his greatest fear.

It was then it was revealed that Chan-sung is indeed afraid of losing Man-wol and seeing her dissipated.

Serial Killer Roaming Around+ The Reincarnation of Man-wol’s Right Hand Man

Furthermore, throughout this episode, we saw where Hyung Joon and Yoo Na spent the day trying to transfer Man-wol’s belongings to the new location while coming in contact with several ghosts.
They later found out that a number of people had died and it was a case of serial killing. To our surprise, the serial killer was an acquaintance of Sanchez and Chan-sung.

At the reunion dinner at Sanchez’s restaurant, the serial killer arrived and Sanchez was left in a state of discomfort as the serial killer kept on asking about Chan-sung.

Meanwhile, we also saw that the police had found the area that the bodies were buried by the serial killer and to our surprise, Man-wol’s bestfriend that we had seen in her flashback was one of the detectives. The preview for the next episode reveals that Man-wol will find out about her Yeon Woo’s reincarnation and will be thankful to Chan-sung as he was responsible for them meeting again.

Chan-sung Refuses to Give Up on Man-wol

Throughout this episode, Man-wol was beyond moody and that was because she was not on good terms with Chan-sung. She has tried to push him away but he keeps coming closer to her. Honestly, this scares her. Loving someone frightens her, as she is fearful that they will get hurt because of her, hence her giving Chan-sung the chance to walk away forever.

Chan-sung in the final scene of this episode makes it clear that he has no intention of leaving her and that he will continue to get on her nerves and get in trouble so she needs to protect him. Of course, Man-wol was left stunned by his boldness, and deep down she knew she needed him beside her.

The preview looks very exciting, Chan-sung and Man-wol appear to take the next step closer in their somewhat complicated relationship.

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