Hyerim Talks about “Don’t Be Jealous” + Why She Fell For Her Boyfriend

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Hyerim Don’t Be Jealous
Hyerim Don’t Be Jealous

Hyerim Don’t Be Jealous

Former Wonder Girls member Hyerim talked about her boyfriend Shin Min Chul and how they decided to appear on “Don’t Be Jealous”!

On April 6, Hyerim and Shin Min Chul made their first appearance as a couple on MBC’s “Don’t Be Jealous.” During their cafe date, the two perused news articles confirming their relationship. They also spoke about how they met, how they felt about going public, and more.

On April 7, the producing director (PD) of “Don’t Be Jealous” spoke about the couple with Xportsnews. They commented, “Since they’ve been dating for seven years, they haven’t been hiding their relationship like most couples these days. They’ve been dating well during that time and were able to naturally appear on the program because they were not dating in secret. While filming, I was able to feel the trust that forms between couples who have been dating long-term. They understand their similarities and differences and give off a natural and comfortable vibe.”

They continued, “Shin Min Chul is first in the world for taekwondo performance and is busy preparing for his performance. Hyerim is also busy studying as a university student of foreign studies. Despite their busy lives, they will reflect how typical couples in their twenties and thirties regularly make time to meet. I think we will capture the image of typical dating, rather than of a celebrity couple.”

Following the episode, Hyerim also spoke with Xportsnews. She shared, “There was a hot response from those around me regarding my broadcast appearance. Amidst everyone’s support, I think I will be able to film more enjoyably.”


Although Shin Min Chul is not a celebrity, Hyerim revealed that he happily decided to appear on the program. She explained, “Honestly, there was no big concern. Since this is so new to us, we felt more fascinated and high-spirited.”

She also spoke about her boyfriend, saying: “I fell for how reliable, consistent, and sincere he was. He is someone I like more and more as time goes by. As we’ve been dating for seven years, I wanted to show my boyfriend, who has become a part of my life.”

Hyerim continued, “I wanted to date publicly when I felt sure about my partner. It took time to build that security, but now that I’m emotionally prepared, we happily decided to go public. Since I wanted to show an honest and new side of myself to many people, I decided to also reveal it on a broadcast.”

The singer also shared that she wanted to sincerely show the reality of a typical couple. She explained: “I think we will show our down-to-earth lifestyle where we prefer small dates, as opposed to fancy ones. Rather than a celebrity couple, we want to be seen as a friendly couple. We hope the public will watch us kindly.”