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I love Korea Dramas But I have a Major Issues with Kdrama. Here it is

Korean Dramas are great for a number of reasons. The stories are normally phenomenal, actors can act out of this world and they are just simply entertaining. However, I have a major problem that I hate that is a major Kdrama practice.

All most all Korean Drama employ this practice. Most Korean Dramas are normally 16 episodes long and 1 season. So they try to complete the story in the allotted episodes. However, they normally stretch and drag the story through episodes 1 to 15 and then try to squeeze in the climax and conclusion in the last episode. This practice just leaves a bad taste. Due to packing so much in one episode it normally makes the episode seems rush and unfinished. Which result in fans feeling like the conclusion was not adequate enough to feel satisfied.

Not sure if this article explains or did justice to my problem. But that’s just how I feel.

2 thoughts on “I love Korea Dramas But I have a Major Issues with Kdrama. Here it is”

  1. I agree to an extent with this. I feel that sometimes endings can be so rushed and unsatisfying. But I’ve personally only seen a few that have left me feeling like that. A few of those dramas were K-pop Extreme Survival, Fashion King and Moorim School. I felt like both of those dramas could have added a bit more episodes maybe and just made a maybe better ending (though I didn’t mind the ending for Moorim School, but I felt maybe the drama could have been longer to tell more of the story). For the most part though, I’ve been satisfied with the stories of the dramas I’ve watched. There hasn’t been many where I’ve felt where the ending has been rushed. Sometimes the ending might not have been what I wanted exactly, like the ending for Big and Memories of the Alhambra but not really cause those felt rushed more just simply cause I wanted a different ending hehe ????????

    1. You right it’s not all kdrama but a lot of the ones I watch are like that. The dramas are nice but the endings sometimes take away from it

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