I Wanna Hear Your Song 5-6 Recap

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I Wanna Hear Your Song 5-6 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song 5-6 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 5-6 Recap

I Wanna Hear Your Song 5-6 Recap. In this episode, a lot more was revealed about Jang Yoon true intentions towards Yi Young and how she is connected to a hurtful past of his.

Below are the highlights of this episode. To see the recaps of episode 3-4, click here.

Yi Young Hospitalized

Last week’s episode ended with Yi Young getting flashes of the incident that occurred in her past and became highly suspicious of Jang Yoon, who seems to now fit himself in most aspect of her life.

This episode continued with Yi Young waking up in the hospital after being traumatized by a memory of the accident that happened the year before.
We also learned a lot more about Yi Young’s life as a child, not only did she lose both of her parents at a young age but the trauma which caused her to experience aphasia for several years. The accident that happened the year before has left her in a state of ordeal which explains her loss of memory.

Yi Young Loses Her Job As a Timpanist

After waking up in the hospital, Yi Young was reminded of her job at the Shin-young Philharmonic and rushes to reach in time. Upon arriving she was told that there were changes to the song and that she won’t be needed anymore which caused her to be removed from the orchestra.
She was left quite saddened by this as not only was she broke but she had reached the age where she should be further ahead in her career but she had been facing a tough time.

Further in this episode, she went to Joo Wan to plead for another chance, luckily she was able to get retired but this time as his personal secretary. Ji Wan’s character is at times unpredictable, he seems to be drawn to Yi Young and even tried to kiss her in this episode. He is also somehow connected to the traumatic accidnet that happened. I’m assuming that’s the reason he feels somewhat drawn to her. Aslo, this further expalins Eun Joo’s hatred to towards Yi Young, as the man she seems to love adores another woman.



Jang Yoon Questionable Actions+ Yi Young Finds Out the Victim from Her Past

Jang Yoon also in in epsidoe doesn;t fail to amaze us with his unpredictable character. At one moment he seems like a stalker, not only did he move next door to her but he constantly appears everywhere she is. This really concerns her as she doesn’t know if he can be trusted. He has told her several times that he is interested in dating her, but his actions and motives seems conflicted.

In this episode, Yi Young’s ex boyfriend broke into her apartment and at first she thought it was Jang Yoon but was alter reassured when Jang Yoon chased the culprit trying to find out who he was. She was left appreciative and grateful for what he had.

Yi Young Remembers:

Towrads the end of this episode, Jang Woo invisted Yi Young over to his father’s home and it was then she saw apicture of Jang Yoon’s brother. Jang Yoon let her know that his brother was murdered last year and when she asked his name some of her memory came back.

As a part time chaffeur Yi Young had picked Jang Woo’s brother at the airport, it seemed he was the perosn that died in Yi Young’s car accident.
Jang Yoon who is obviously aware of this gets close to Yi Young to force all her memories to come back so that she can feel the guilt of all her actions.

The plot twist made us understand his actions more clearly, althoguh I am still unsure of whether or not he genuinely like Yi Young or if he’s trying to get revenge on his brother that was killed in the accident.

The next episode will defintely clear up alot more for us seeing that Yi Young now knows that the person killed in her accidnet last year was Jang Yoon’s younger brother.