I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 13-14 Recap

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I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 13-14 Recap

I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 13-14 Recap.This drama gets interesting every week and also raises a lot more questions every week. Yi Young who has fallen for Jang Yoon is left in a state of confusion after finding out she may have killed his brother.

Check out the highlights below!
Yi Young Left In Disbelief

This episode continued with Yi Young refusing to believe the accusations made against her by Jang Yoon that she may be responsible for killing Ian, his brothers. Jang Yoon who clearly has developed feelings for Yi Young also lets her know that they being together might not work out due to his suspicions. Everything suddenly started to make sense to her about her ‘relationship’ with Jang Yoon. From the first time he approached, she now realized that his motive towards her was to find out more about his brother’s killing. This made her really sad as her feelings towards him were genuine however she has become unsure of his.

Throughout, this episode, Yi Young was left in a state of despair at the thought that of murdering Ian. Unable to remember what happened that night made her hate herself even more. Being told that the knife used to murder him was found in her hands made her visualize killing him. Also, when she was told that she was the girl that Ian loved made her question if this could be true. 

She has also found out that her cousin was aware all along of everything she was initially accused of. When watching the video of when Yi Young woke up in the hospital, she confessed to having the murder weapon and also that her hands were covered in blood. Her bag was also found in Ian’s car, which meant they were together the night of the accident. The cousin who is aware of everything seems to have brainwashed Yi Young in the past.

In trying to protect Yi Young she has tried to erase some of the occurrences from that night. 

Jang Yoon who also seems to hurt and frustrated as he earnestly wants to know what happened to his brother doesn’t know if he should believe his suspicions or cause the woman he likes a heartbreak.

Maestro Nam Link To the Murder

Based on the previous episode, it was unveiled to us that Mastro Nam is involved in the planning and executing of Ian’s murder. While he appears happy and composed on the outside, the guilt he carries seems to be weighing down on him.
The killer that Yi Young keeps on seeing in her dream actually visited Maestro Nam in this episode and threatened to make his life miserable as he was punished for the crime that he instigated. The killer promised him that he would make Yi Young life’s a living hell if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Furthermore, while Maestro Nam seems to like and care for Yi Young, it at times makes me wonder if it is the unbearing guilt he feels that draws him to her. Does he see the need to comfort her because he feels guilty that she has been blamed for something he is responsible for?

Realizing that she was upset and crying in this episode, he decided to take her to visit his grandmother whom he adored. Yi Young was the first friend he had ever taken home.

Yi Young Leaves and Tries to Find Answers

In an attempt to figure out more of what happened, she wrote a letter to Jang Yoon telling him that she remembers holding the knife and that in order for her to take responsivity she needs to find out more.
Towards the ending of this episode, to retract her memory she went to where it started, not knowing that she was being followed by the killer.

This drama has left room open for many theories. I’m hoping that Yi Young wasn’t the girlfriend of Ian, but with the pictures found, that may be likely.

The next episode will bring more clarity to us, so stay tuned to drama obsess.

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