I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 17-18 Recap

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I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 7-8 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 17-18 Recap

I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 17-18 Recap. In this episode of I Wanna Hear Your Song, Yi Young continues to have recurring memories of her past and continues to feel guilty that she may have killed Kim Ian. Also, we see where Jang Yoon is starting to find out more about the persons that may have been involved in Kim Ian’s death.

Below are the highlights of episode 17-18.

Jang Yoon’s Conflicted Feelings

While Jang Yoon tries to bring justice to his brother that was murdered, his feelings also continue to grow for the woman he believes may have killed Kim Ian.

Being worried of Yi Young’s disappearance, this episode continued with Jang Yoon rushing to the abandoned building where the incident had taken place. There he saw Yi Young being held hostage by a man in a hat.

Before Jang Joon got the chance to confront him he ran away leaving Yi Young in a wounded state. This left him worried about her well being and that the man might come back to harm her again.

Further on in the episode, he tried to find out more about the man who held Yi Young hostage by searching for him, but what he found was a series of evidence that led to some people’s involvement, he didn’t expect.

After being hurt in the process, he was rushed to the hospital with a head injury and by his side, Yi Young was, taking care of him. The way she cares for him allowed him to come clean on his true feelings towards.
Of course, he admitted that at first, he had hated her, as he thought she went on living a happy life while his brother was brutally killed, he, however, went on to enlighten her on the uncontrollable feelings that have somewhat consumed him.

Yi Young was obviously elated to hear that her feelings were reciprocated, however, his confession somehow made things harder for her, as she thought she didn’t deserve to love him because of what she may have done to his brother.

Further, in this episode, Jang Joon got a step closer to finding out more of Kim Ian’s murder. Not only did he find out that Maestro Nam was involved but he also saw for himself his father meeting with Young Gil(the man in the hat), this made him not only furious but curious. Was his father apart of the abduction of Kim Ian?

Did they hire Young Gil to take the blame for their failed plan?

Yi Young Remembers More of The Tragic Accident+ Her Guilt Brings Her To The Police

Throughout this episode, Yi Young continues to have dreams of what happened in her accident with Kim Ian. At first, she continued to have the dream of her holding the knife in her bloody hand. Such memory stayed with her and pushed her to despise her self. As a result of this guilt, she also tried to push Jang Yoon away.


Furthermore, as a result of her guilt, she found herself at the police station. There, she made a confession her what she remembered or what she was told happened. The police officer who was already in on what happened contacted the higher-ups of her visit.

This proves to us the power and influence, the persons involved possessed.

Maestro Nam’s  Involvement

Okay, so I’m kinda unsure of what part of the incident Maestro Nam was responsible for. As we know he was involved in the planning of Kim Ian’s and Yi Young’s abduction. But still there are questions of whether he stabbed him?

After visiting the music professor, it was evident that they both were anxious as they had found that Kim Ian’s brother was Jang Yoon and that he was investigating what truly happened to his brother.

In this scene, Maestro Nam told the music professor that he was never on his team and that he just wanted to become the conductor. He also mentioned that Kim Ian was used by the music professor to launder money. This continues to show the deep-rooted corruption that exists in Shinyoung Philharmonics.

Based on what was unveiled in this episode, Maestro Nam probably didn’t want Kim Ian to die. This means what transpired could have been an accident and after things got messy, he along with the others had to kill him to save themselves.

However, I am still unsure, as according to Yi Young’s memory, when she was tied up with Kim Ian and Maestro Nam entered, it seems as if he wanted to rescue them. But it could also mean he came to kill Kim Ian.

Maestro Nam also continues to move close to Yi Young and its hard to tell if he’s being sincere or trying to hide something or protect himself from something.

There are so many theories that arise when watching this drama and also a lot of questions.
What was Yi Young truly Kim Ian’s girlfriend? What was he about to tell her before Maestro Nam came bursting into the abandoned building?

Is Maestro Nam feelings sincere towards Yi Young?

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