I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 19-20 Recap

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I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 19-20 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 19-20 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 19-20 Recap

I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 19-20 Recap. In this episode of I Wanna Hear Your Song, Jang Yoon is starting to find out that Maestro Nam is somehow connected to Kim Ian’s death and also we see where Yi Young continues to have a hard time with her conflicting feelings for Jang Yoon and also trying to find answers to her tragic past.

Below are the highlights of episode 19-20. See the recaps of episode 17-18 here

Yi Young Continues to Have A Hard Time

In this episode, Yi Young tries to avoid Jang Yoon at all costs but because of her overwhelming feelings for him, she is left in distress.
Also, she is torn between accepting his feelings and finding answers in her supposed involvement in Kim Ian’s killing.

While she does have glimpses of what happened that night she still hasn’t reached the point where she is confident that she didn’t kill Kin Ian. One thing for sure though, in this episode, she realized that the man who works at her aunt’s flower shop and the man who attacked her recently is the same person that was chasing her on the night of the accident.

Jang Yoon’s Father Joins Shinyoung Philarmonic+ Gets Lead On His Brother’s Killing

In the previous episode, Jang Yoon found out that his father and Young Gil, the man who went to prison for Kim Ian’s killing, met up. This led him to confront his father on what the meeting was about and whether or not he knows anything more about Kim Ian’s killing. His father did not state why he met up with Young Gil, but he expressed his concern about Jang Yoon’s obsession in finding out the details of that night.

His father who has been added to the board of directors at Shinyoung Philarmonic has raised some concern for the persons involved in the incident.
Professor Kang who was surprised when he found out that Jang Yoon is the son of the new director wants him to be kicked out of the orchestra. He is left anxious as he fears that if Jang Yoon continues to fish about the accident it may result in the truth being unveiled.


Also, Jang Yoon is left wondering why his dad accepted the position at Philarmonic and if its to keep an eye on him. There is still the question of whether or not his dad joined because he too wants to unveil what happened to his son.

Or maybe he knows that Kim Ian was involved in money laundering and is trying to cover it up so that it doesn’t ruin his reputation. Why else would he meet with Young Gil?

In this episode, Jang Yoon caught Young Gil leaving Maestro Nam’s office which proves his suspicion that Maestro Nam is involved with Kim Ian’s death.


Maestro Nam Suspicious

Maestro Nam has been one of the most confusing characters for me. While he appears sincere towards Yi Young, it makes me wonder if he has ulterior motives or whether or not he can be trusted.

Also When Young Gil had visited his office, the two got into a minor quarrel and Young Gil blamed him for what happened to Kim Ian. According to Young Gil if Mastro Nam hadn’t appeared that night Kim Ian wouldn’t have died.

So a theory is that he may have felt guilty and came to save Kim Ian but things got out of control and instead of rescuing him, Kim Ian got stabbed accidentally.

These are just theories based on what the writers have revealed so far. With the next episode I hope that Yi Young will find out more about what happened so that she can have a peace of mind.