I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 23-24 Recap

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I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 21-22 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 21-22 Recap
I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 23-24 Recap

I Wanna Hear Your Song Episode 23-24 Recap. Yi Young is finally catching up. By connecting the dots with Young Gil’s Killing she now remembers Maestro Nam on the night of the accident a year ago. Also we see where Professor Kang and Maestro Nam are left anxious as the truth is starting to be revealed.

Below are the highlights of episode 23-24, to see the recap of episode 21-22, click here.

Young Gil’s Killing

In the previous episode, Young Gil was seen laying dead at the bottom of the staircase in Shinyoung Philharmonic. The announcement of his death have since stirred up questions about the relation of last year’s incident.

Furthermore Yi Young has somewhat felt responsible for his death as she believes it is the pen that contains crucial evidence that led to him being killed.

After revealing the deal she made with Young Gil, Jang Yoon was left furious after finding out that this said object that could have solved his brothers killing was in his possession all along.

He was even more furious after hearing that Yi Young brought the pen to Young Gil without checking what crucial information it had. To be honest I thought she would have checked the pen, but instead she naively trusted Young Gil.

Furthermore, as the police carry out their investigation, Jang Yoon tried to reassure Yi Young and tell her that she should only reveal to them that she knew Young Gil from her aunt’s flower shop. That way she won’t be suspected in his killing.

Also, by thinking back at things that Young Gil have said to them, they believe he may have left some form of evidence behind.


Maestro Nam and Professor Kang Play The Blame Game

Since the last episodes both Proffesor Kang and Maestro Nam have been on edge with the appointment of the new Director who happened to be both Kim Ian and Jang Yoon’s father.


In this episode they are also left even more anxious with the killing of Young Gil. They both are blaming each other for Kim Ian’s death and are now suspecting each other for Young Gils killing.

Jang Yoon who has been pestering Maestro Nam to find out what he knows, followed him and recorded the convo he and Professor Kang had. In trying to shift the responsibility for the killings, both men are left suspecting the other.

In their convo, Maestro Nam wanted to know why Professor Kang chose him out of everyone else to partake in his corrupt acts. Professor Kang’s respond was that Maestro Nam reminded him of his younger self. This could be true or it could be that Professor Kang saw that Maestro Nam would be willing to do whatever it took to acquire power even if it meant betraying his friend.

While they were talking, Jang Joon was there listening and recording and somehow I believed that Maestro Nam intentionally lured him there so as he knew he would be recording.

We also now know what Jang Yoon’s father true intention is. Him becoming apart of Shinyoung Philharmonic was planned. He knows that the death of his son was done by the higher ups of Shinyoung so it is his plan to tear this institution apart and destroy it as they did to Kim Ian.

Based on this episode, I am left curious who Young Gil’s killer is. Both Maestro Nam and Professor Kang are playing the blame game. Somehow I believe that Maestro Nam is the one responsible. Or maybe it’s someone else we least suspect, like the Maestro Nam’s secretary.

What do you think???